Comic Books Divas Publishing is a Fort Worth, Texas based small-press comic book publisher. We feature likenesses of models, actors and cosplayers, as the actual comic book characters.


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Dallas Comic Con 2015 is coming with great guests and artists! But be sure to meet and get your pictures taken with these fantastic cosplayers! CONTINUE



The Dallas Comic Con is fast approaching May 29th –  May 31st 2015; as always there will be plenty of media guests, tlented artists from around the country, and as always some very talented cosplayers as well. Comic Book Divas Publishing works with some of these extraordinary cosplayers that appear in our Comic Book Divas Publishing titles and in the Legendary Divas Publishing titles.

This year at the Dallas Comic Con 2015 there will be some terrific cosplayers attending this years convention that Comic Book Divas Publsihing wanted you to be sure to meet and look for at the event.

Dee Rich aka The Scarlett Lady Cosplay – Is not only a very talented Oklahoma based cosplayer, a model for Comic Book Divas Publishing for the upcoming comic “Marvelous” where she will be portraying the mad scientist “Macy”, plus one of the “Faces Of CBDP”  but she is a true comic book geek as she pours her heart and soul into her cosplay creations that range from the popular comic book characters such as Scarlet Witch and Polaris, to the more but none the less equally as cool characters like the sexy but deadly bounty hunter Silver Sable.DEE RICH THE LADY SCARLETT 275A

This year Dee Rich/The Lady Scarlett will be appearing at the Dallas Comic Con 2015, all three days May 29th – May 31st; this year The Lady Scarlett will be debuting her  Star Sapphire cosplay from Green Lantern on Saturday; she will also be debuting a surprise and top-secret cosplay that she will be announcing later, but we think this gem of  Captain America villain will put a smile on fans faces. Dee Rich/The Lady Scarlett cosplay fans can also look forward to seeing some classic cosplays like Silver Sable and Scarlet Witch.

A reminder to fans that take pictures and follow Dee Rich/The Lady Scarlett during the Dallas Comic Con 2015, be sure to ask for her personlized cards so you can post your pictures with her and follow her on social media.

Evie Grey CosplayEvie Grey Cosplay is a popular North Texas cosplayer that has appeared at many North Texas comic book conventEVIE GREY COSPLAY 275ions and other events, Evie Grey is a very talented  cosplayer who creates her creations from the ground up; in the past fans have know her for creations of Phoenix and Jean Grey.  In addition to being an awesome cosplayer, Evie Grey is also a talented artist who is currently working on her first comic book for Comic Book Divas Publishing that is entitled “Marvelous”, the comic features cosplter Dee Rich/The Lady Scarlett  and actress Michelle Shields.

This year at Dallas Comic Con 2015 fans can look forward to Evie Grey Cosplay debuting her Steampunk Spider-Woman on Saturday , she has been very secretive about this cosplay but this costume is sure to blow fans minds, she will also be cosplaying Labyrinth on Sunday

Sirius Rose Cosplay –  Sirius Rose Cosplay is a North Texas cosplayer who really wowed Dallas Comic Con fans  during the 2013 convention as she cosplayed Rogue from the X-Men in 2013, and then she really created a buzz as she cosplayed the  White Lantern Hawkwoman at the Dallas Comic Con 2014.SIRIUS ROSE COSPLAY 275

Sirius Rose will be at the Dallas Comic Con 2015 she will be debuting her Silk cosplay from the Spider-Man Universe on Saturday.  Be on the look out for her Sirius Rose in her awesome cosplays and take a picture with her in this awesome cosplay.

In addition to all of this she will be making an appearance in Goldilocks In ZombieLand #4 as the deadly and delusional Thumbelina.

MCubed Cosplay – MCcubed cosplay is a North Texas cosplayer and freelance model that has worked with many MCUBUED COSPLAY 200photographers from around the Texas area. plus she is now a member of  the 501st and has been a member of the Rebel Legion for over 2 years.  MCubed cosplay has become a fan favorite at many comic book conventions and other events, she is widely known for her cosplay as slave Princess Leia  and Misty from the Pokemon cartoon.

MCubed Cosplay will be attending the Dallas Comic Con 2015 all three days, fans can look forward to MCubed Cosplay debuting he Star Wars New Hope Princess Leia; in addition she will be cosplaying Poison Ivy and Jill Valentine from Resident Evil; be sure to look for MCubed Cosplay and get your picture with this terrific cosplayer.

In addition to being a cosplayer and model; fans can also look for MCubed cosplay in the upcoming comic book “Witch Vs Genie”

Be sure to look for these coplayers during the Dallas Comic Con 2015 May 29th-May 31st at the Dallas Convention Center.








Comic Book Divas Publishing is very excited to announce that Nora Tarr creator and writer of “Deidre Dark’s Delightful Dolls” and the upcoming second issue of the series Deidre Dark’s Delightful Dolls: Coup De Grace” will be appearing at the Boston Comic Con 2015.

This will be Nora’s very first comic book convention appearance and she is excited to bring her comic book to the Boston Comic Con 2015; she will be there to draw fans into her comic book world featuring her character Deidre Dark. Nora Tarr has created one of the most unusual comic book series we have read, it’s not only a fun read but also it will challenge everyone’s perspective.DEIDRE DARKS DELIGHTFUL DOLLS 1 WEB

This will not only be Nora’s first appearance at a convention, but she will be debuting both her first issue Deidre Dark’s Delightful Doll’s and the second issue “Deidre Dark’s Delightful Dolls: Coup De Grace”  first time at the Boston Comic Con July 31st-August 2nd 2015; she will be located at the artist/small press area of the convention at the Comic Book Divas Publishing table.

Dolls have been part of human life since the beginning of recorded time. Some were created in resemblance of religious or revered likenesses, others simple shapes used in rituals and spells. Most as playthings or make-believe friends or confidants for children. You will have to follow the story of Deidre and her Dolls to see what happens and who it happens to.

Everyone always has wonderful things to say about her. Humans are duplicitous in nature, Deidre no different, and is more than what meets the eye. She creates handmade dolls out of all sorts of items, cloth, wood, wax, a little twine or maybe hair, animal or bird feathers.

What is the evil-born power that Deidre has and is it used for treacherous deeds or just to set things right? Whatever it is, this power has something to do with the dolls. Dolls created in human form, some showing the beauty, some showing the more ugly side of humanity. Imagine, with a just a sprig of herb, a splash of spice, some ash and a strong touch of black or maybe white Magic, if you could change someone’s mind, alter a course, or even more…

You will have to follow the story of Deidre and her Dolls to see what happens and who it happens to.

Every evil needs to be witnessed, loved and adored, and everyone adores Deidre.