In 2016 fans can look forward to reading two Storybook Universe titles, Goldilocks In ZombieLand #4 and Thumbelina: SMASH  #1; what makes these titles a bit more interesting other than their storylines is that the fact they will both feature a Thumbelina.

Are you a bit confused? Are you thinking to yourself how can you have the same character in two different comic books? Is this some kind of parallel universe that is going to make my brain hurt?

Good news, it’s none of the above; remember in the Storybook Universe all the storybooks from around the world make up the universe so each BRITTANY CULVERHOUSE HAWKWOMANcharacter is different within that world this includes the appearance of the character, their attitude, and of course their work and their personal lives and work outside the character’s duties as entertaining children in the storybook.  And that is how reader’s will be introduced to two Thumbelina’s in 2016.

In Goldilocks In ZombieLand #4 you will be introduced to the Thumbelina of StoryBook 2012; this Thumbelina has been scorned by Thom Thumb for of all the petty things being just a bit obsessed with him; since being dumped  Thumbelina has become a trained assassin. She is in league with the one that has caused the mass zombie outbreak and has been given orders to stop Goldilocks and her band from reaching their objective; which sounds like a lot of fun to her as she has something wicked inmind for the band.

Portraying StoryBook 2012’a Thumbelina is North Texas cosplayer Brittany Culverhouse; Brittany is a fan favorite at conventions and is part of the North Texas cosplay group Orion Corps Cosplay Group; Brittany is best know for her cosplay as the Spider-Verse Silk, White Lantern Hawkwoman, and Beth Greene from the Walking Dead.

This will be Brittany Culverhouse’s first appearance in a comic book, be sure to look for Thumbelina of StoryBook 2012’a first appeance in Goldlocks In ZombieLand #4 in 2016.audrey McCullough Spider Gwen

if you haven’t yet read Goldilocks In ZombieLand, you should know that is being overrun by zombies; it’s up to Goldilocks and her band to find out where and who started the virus but also find a cure before it’s too late; be sure to read more about Goldilocks In ZombieLand or you can purchase the Comic at the Comic Book Divas Publishing store.

Fans can meet our other Thumbelina in StoryBook 1803 in the pages of “Thumbelina: SMASH” #1. This is a kind and sweet character who loves her job bringing happiness to the little girls that read the story she is in; but after the pages are closed her life is humdrum and boring; she has her night out with the girls, her volunteer work with the elderly storybook characters, and her pottery and needlepoint classes. She longs for love and romance but because of her vertical challenge she is often overlooked, besides there is only one man she would truly like to be in love with and that is Jack; the brave man who scales the beanstalk but in this storybook he is the lead singer and guitarist for the up and coming band of “Jack And The Beanstalks”.

One night after the night out with her best friend and scientist Alice with the rest of her girlfriends at “The Madd Hatters Club”; Thumbelina is pushed too far by relentless barrage of nasty comments and innuendos from Rose Red about wanting to date Jack and needing to stay in her so-called “Height Class” , being pushed to her limit mentally after being portrayed by the people she thought she could trust; Thumbelina in her desperation to free herself from the bondage of being small,  infiltrates Alice’s laboratory to still a growth formula.

After taking the formula Thumbelina will grow into a giant and will SMASH.

Portraying the Thumbelina of StoryBook 1803 is cosplayer Audrey McCullough; Audrey is a fan favorite at many concentions and events, in addition like Brittany Culverhouse she is part of the North Texas cosplay group Orion Corps Cosplay.  Audrey is best known for her talented cosplays as Spider-Gwen from the Spider-Verse, Black Lantern Wonder Woman, and her Walking Dead Carol Peletier. Fans can also find Audrey in the pages of the upcoming all ages comic book Witch Vs Genie coming also in 2016.

All this terrific Thumbelina fun is brought you fans under the banner of Legendary Divas brought you by Comic Book Divas Publishing and Legends Of Heroes And Villains with from the mind of creator and writer Jeff Hughes and art by Richard Zerga and Kristi Zerga.

Look for Brittany Culverhouse in Goldilocks In ZombieLand starting in issue #4 and look for Audrey McCullough in Thumbelina: SMASH #1; both titles are slated for 2016. Look for more news and sneak peeks of artwork on the Comic Book Divas Publishing website and follow us on Facebook and Twitter.