Comic Book Divas is a small press comic book publishing company that features, strong, intelligent, and independent female characters in all our comic book titles.

All our comics bring these characters to the forefront of the story and not place them as a sidekick or in the background as a secondary character, where many comic book companies tend to place their characters.

Comic Book Divas was started in 2010 by Jeff Hughes who was in the comic book industry as a comic book dealer for over twenty years where he bought and sold other publishers titles until one day he decided to start a small independent publishing business himself that would publish comic books.

During that time Jeff Hughes notices that many of the female based comics based titles that spotlighted female heroes in their own titles didn’t last because of low readership because of lack of promotion by the publishers or because the books were not on the same level in storylines like their male counterparts.  Also hee noticed that many of the female characters that were part of super-hero or even villain teams were pushed in the back  or very rarely were leaders of these groups.

Comic Book Divas strives to change  how women are portrayed in comics by showing that there characters are just as strong bot mentally and physically and can ave the world with just as much flare as the men.