Comic Book Divas is a small press comic book publishing company that works with women from around the entertainment industry such as models, actresses, and horror film scream queens from around the country and features them in the pages of our comics.

By placing the women into our comic books it brings an added element of realism to the comic book story, this in turn offers a unique reading experience for the comic book reader because they are reading a story that features the likeness of a real person this allows the reader to become more involved in the story and care about the characters.

Comic Book Divas was started in 2010 by Jeff Hughes who was in the comic book industry as a comic book dealer for over twenty years where he bought other publishers titles until one day he decided to start a small independent publishing business himself that would publish comic books and web comics that not only feature some of the most talented and beautiful women in the country to bring that unique comic book experience; but also wanted to bring his own unique outlook and twist o comic books that range from super-hero to horror genres.

Comic Book Divas strives to bring not only inventive comic book stories but also some of the best comic book artwork to help bring the comic to life; this is done by talented freelance artists throughout the United States; these artists work closely with Comic Book Divas Publishing and are hand picked by owner Jeff Hughes.

Comic Book Divas is also interested in working with other publishers,artists, movie directors, and anyone wanting to work with us in making their comic a reality; we offer a partnership program; we aid in artwork, story development, and printing as well as assistance in promotion of the comic book; by doing so we not only help the individual with the creation of the comic book but also allows Comic Book Divas the opportunity to expand the variety of titles to comic book fan.