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Comic Book Divas Publishing is heading to San Antonio, Texas for the first Alamo City Comic Con October 25th-27th ACC12013; We will be bringing the Alfred Hitchcock “The Birds” parody “SQUIRREL: The Chattering” #1 with us to San Antonio with two new covers along with a very special offer only to Alamo City Comic Con attendees.

For the first time Comic Book Divas Publishing is bringing our Alfred Hitchcock “The Birds” parody horror comedy comic book “SQUIRREL: The Chattering” #1 that features PJ Soles, Rhonda Shear, Amanda Dyar, Lily Cardone, Anjanette Clewis, and others. In addition Comic Book Divas will be bringing both a new re-vamped regular cover and a variant cover, not only will the comic be available for the first time in San Antonio but both covers will be debuting at the Alamo City Comic Con.

About “SQUIRREL: The Chattering”

Created and Written by Jeff Hughes Art by Richard and Kristi Zerga Featuring: PJ Soles, Rhonda Shear, Lily Cardone, Amanda Dyar, Anjanette Clewis, Kristen Hall, Sara Barrett “

SQUIRREL: The Chattering” is a parody of the Alfred SQUIRREL THE CHATTERING REGULAR COVERWEBHitchcock classic “The Birds” where a flock of birds attack a sleepy Northern California community , creating chaos and death everywhere.

The 1963 film starred Tippi Hedren , Jessica Tandy,Suzanne Pleshette, and Rod Taylor. The movie is famous for some of the inspirational camera angles and frames, and with some of the most memorable cinematic scenes from Alfred Hitchcock. A campus security guard pepper sprays s baby squirrel in front of school children, the squirrel squeals in pain as the children watch in horror; one of the students named “Lily” grabs the baby squirrel and she and her babysitter PJ takes the squirrel to the vet.

The next day Lilly, PJ and the vet release the baby squirrel back into the field and campers back into the forest.

After returning to the forest the baby squirrel tells the other squirrels and other creatures of what occurred, soon the sound of chattering fills the forest Soon the horde of squirrels will descend upon the small town; attacking everywhere including the tranquil park where both old and young had gathered to relax, play, and feed the squirrels but now the squirrels want something other than peanuts they want revenge!.SQUIRREL1BWCOVERRED001300

As we stated “SQUIRREL: The Chattering will have two covers;  a re-vamped regular color cover that features the new logo and title”Squirrel: The Chattering” logo with art by Richard and Kristi Zerga, and a black and white variant cover by Bianca Thompson who brings her unique art style and air-brush coloring skills to the cover.

The comic first debuted October of 2013, but we are bringing the comic to San Antonio and to the Alamo Comic Con for the first and both covers will make their début at the convention.

Comic Book Divas Publishing  is offering Alamo City Comic Con attendees a special coupon to receive both the “SQUIRREL:The Chattering” #1 covers for $10,00 (Regular Price is $12.00) when they redeem the coupon below at the CBDP table.;

Click the image coupon below and Print it ; then redeem the coupon at the CBDP table during the Alamo City Comic Con 2013.





 NOTE: You must attend the Alamo City Comic Con October 25th-27th to redeem your coupon; this offer is not available online nor will the comics be mailed to you.




Comic Book Divas Publishing is heading to the Alamo City Comic Con 2013 October 25th-27th in San Antonio, Texas ACC1and we are planning to bring some awesome comics and offers to San Antonio and to the convention for the very first time including a pretty cool BOGO offer.

Comic Book Divas Publishing understands that fans have a limited budget and let’s face facts that you want to stretch that convention dollar as far as it will go, that’s why we are offering a few deals at the Comic Book Divas Publishing table. We hope that you take advantage of a few of these deals.

Comic Book Divas is offering a BOGO deal; when fans buy the “Deadly Threads” #1 Black And White Variant Cover for $6.00; the cover is debuting at the Alamo City Comic Con 2013, fans will receive “Miss Misery’s A Haunting Desire” Photo Variant Cover for Free.

About Deadly Threads #1 

Written and Created by Joe Garcia of Fast Custom Shirts Art by Jason Dube Cover by Joe Garcia, Colors by Sean Salazar Featured: Actress Michelle Shields as “Vivian, Actress April DTDEMONVARIANTDEMONBurril as Xilan, Actress Asa Hope as Alicia

The comic is about a rather geeky fan girl named “Vivian, who with her sexy friend “Alicia” attends a comic book convention; while “Alicia” flirts with the drooling fanboys, “Vivian” amerces herself in everything that the convention offers. While there she comes across a t-shirt vendor, among the everyday and mundane shirts she spies a very unusual t-shirt that not only catches her eye but one that hypnotize her; she knows she must have the shirt as it it seems to beacon to her..she must buy the shirt.

Once worn, “Vivian”‘s world will begin to change all around her as an ancient demonic being begins to take control of her life changing her inside and out; turning this once subdued geeky girl into a sultry and dangerous woman.

Deadly Threads #1 features a “Xilan Deoness” Variant Cover with art by Jason Dube; the cover will debute at the Alamo City Comic Con.

About Miss Misery’s A Haunting Desire

Created by Miss Misery Written by Miss Misery and Jeff Hughes Art by Arianna Sherman, Colors by Sean Salazar Featured: Horror Hostess Miss Misery, Musician John Gillette, The band DAMMIT

Published by Comic Book Divas and Last Doorway Production COMIC BOOK DIVAS PUBLISHING EXCLUSIVEMMHD300COVER

The Miss Misery’s A Haunting Desire Comic Book Divas Variant Cover features a photo of Miss Misery wearing the Comic Book Divas t-shirt in a sultry and sexy pose.

The cover was created especially for Comic Book Divas. Horror Hottie Miss Misery is a San Francisco Horror Hostess in the San Francisco and Bay Area; she mixes her own brand of comedy between B-Movie classics during her show “Miss Misery’s Movie Massacre” that is shown throughout California on U-verse area that also streams live on Saturdays. Miss Misery is also the host of her film festival “A Nightmare To Remember” that features independent horror films from around the country.

San Francisco and Bay Area horror Hostess Miss Misery first comic book is entitled “Miss Misery’s A Haunting Desire”; the comic book tells the tale of Miss Misery’s obsession with her favorite band “DAMMIT” and how she follows them everywhere they appear, she is clearly the bands biggest fan, but her heart belongs to John the band’s lead guitarist John, the only problem is he doesn’t know how she feels. Miss Misery doesn’t do flowers, candy or jewelry to get the attention of a potential boyfriend..but KIDNAPPING will really impress them.

Be sure to bring the coupon below to receive the “Deadly Threads” #1 Bogo Deal. Just click on the coupon image and then print the coupon, then bring it to the Comic Book Divas Publishing table at the Alamo City Comic Con.




CLICK the coupon image above, then PRINT the coupon and bring it to the CBDP table at the Alamo City Comic Con 2013 to get your BOGO offer.

NOTE: This offer is only available at the Alamo City Comic Con 2013 and is not available through the CBDP website; comics will not be mailed.