Comic Book Divas Publishing has made the difficult decision to no longer feature cosplayers in their comic book titles starting immediately in 2017.

Jeff Hughes, owner and primary writer for Comic Book Divas Publishing made the complicated and difficult decision in early March to no longer feature models, and cosplayers in the titles due to complexities in the process and scheduling difficulties with models for conventions and other events.  Also it became overly challenging for myself and the artists to consistently to take valuable time during the creative design process to get as close to the models likeness, it ended up that we spent more time of the models features than the who design process.

Also there were times that we would approach a model or cosplayer an agreement would be met and then the party would disappear or their would no longer be any contact on follow-up on design or contact would just stop, this created more of an issue in our concept designs process and of course we would have to start over on the model search, thus delaying the title further. We clearly understand that we were working with people, and like many of us including myself people get busy with everyday life and work and things fall through the cracks and therefore certain things are forgotten.

ll of the models we worked with in the past and even now have been very gracious in allowing Comic Book Divas Publishing to feature their likeness in out titles and to all of them I want to thank them all and say it has been a great pleasure in working with all of them.

Going forward we still have a few model based titles to finish and still on the docket. including the “Goldilocks I ZombieLand” mini series featuring Emily Ann Cosplay with art by Richard and Kristi “Batz” Zerga, “Vampire Vs Werewolf” featuring cosplaers Anna Davis and Brittany Thomas with art by Tobias Gebhardt .¬† Comic Book Divas Publishing’s first super hero comic “Awesome Action Featuring MARVELOUS” that features cosplayer Courtney Varnado as MARVELOUS and cosplayer Dee Richards as the villain Macy Square with art by Evelyn Fernandez.

Comic Book Divas will continue and will always feature strong female characters in all out titles with fun and exciting storylines, we will not be straying from our original concept, so don’t go anywhere or even blink or you will some exciting comic books in the future.