Comic Book Divas Publishing is saying goodbye to the year 2016, this year we was very exciting as we launched our first all ages comic book and matching coloring book Witch Vs Genie which was met with great enthusiasm.COMIC BOOK DIVAS

As Comic Book Divas Publishing enters 2017, we will be introducing new titles and of course continuing some of our on going series; in 2017 we will have something for everyone as Comic Book Divas Publishing continues to appeal to all age groups.

Goldilocks In ZombieLand #5:  The villain behind the zombie outbreak has been revealed along with his plans to take over StoryBook 2012! But this cracked mastermind better not count his chickens before they hatch, Goldilocks and the her band have reached Doc McGreggor’s farm in a last attempt to find an antidote to stop the spread of the virus.

But time is running out as a zombie army lead by a angry zombie-fied Peter Rabbit has launched an all out attack on Mr. McGreggor’s farm!

Bringing all the storybook zombie action as always is writer and creator Jeff Hughes with Legend Of Heroes And Villains artists Richard Zerga and Kristi “Batz” Zerga. Brought to you  by Comic Book Divas Publishing and Legends Of Heroes And Villains under the banner of Legendary Divas Publishing.

Written and Created by Jeff Hughes, Art by Richard Zerga and Kristi “Batz” Zerga, Color by Kristi “Batz” Zerga. Featuring cosplayer Emily Ann.

Scheduled Release 2017

Vampire Vs Werewolf : Vampire Vs Werewolf is the second in the Comic Book Divas Publishing all ages “VS And Rivals” line of comics where different characters try to out wit or play practical jokes on each other. If you read the “Witch Vs Genie” comic book then you will enjoy “Vampire Vs Werewolf”.

Vampire Vs Werewolf is an all ages comic book and will be suitable for ages 10 years old and of course for the bigger kids. Vampire Vs Werewolf is centered around teenagers Dawn The Vampire and Loona The Werewolf, two good-hearted and well-meaning friends that do like too, let’s just say “Annoy” each other by playing mischievous pranks on one another one another from time to time; OK maybe it’s a bit more often than that.

But in the end they have been friends for centuries and will remain so for many centuries to come and go.

Written and Created by Jeff Hughes Artist Tobias Genhardt, Colorist Kristi “Batz”Zerga Featuring cosplayer Brittany Thomas as Dawn The Vampire, Sageraw Cosplay as Loona The Werewolf

Scheduled Release October 2017

Awesome Adventures Presents: MARVELOUS: Comic Book Divas Publishing  has had this project on the board for a while and finally with artist Evelyn Fernandez we are ready to release our first super hero comic. Fans waiting for the comic knew the title as “8 Page Action: Featuring MARVELOUS” but since the comic is no longer 8 pages we changed the title. We also have a new model portraying MARVELOUS North Texas cosplayer Courtney Varnado.

Marvelous” is about your typical geek girl next door, when she isn’t working at her dull-drum job she is reading comic books, and playing video games and wishing she was more like those famous characters. While going in and out of consciousness during a battle with her arch-villain “Macy Square”, MARVELOUS drifts back and remembers the day when a freak accident turned geek girl Courtney Varnado into something “MARVELOUS”.  The question is will she wake up in time remembering the past to handle Macy Square and the giant robot that is about to deliver the final blow and make he a distant memory.

Written and Created by Jeff Hughes, Art and Color by Evelyn Fernandez, Featuring  cosplayer Courtney Vernado as MARVELOUS and TheLadtScarlettCosplay as Mcey Square.

Scheduled Release October/November 2017

Hero Girl #1: Is another all ages comic book, Hero Girl is about Maddy Evans,  your typical teem-aged girl next door  and all around straight A student and  geek girl. Until one night while viewing a once in a lifetime meteorite event called the “Moiari Metorite Shower” a wayward meteorite plunges to the earth. While investigating the impact area Maddy falls and is knocked unconscious; when she awakes the meteorite is broken and a mysterious watch has appeared on her wrist.

Written and Created By Jeff Hughes, Creative Advisor and Artist  Shawn Encarnacion, Colorist Kelsey Gudson.

Scheduled October/November 2017

Totem Hunter #1: Totem Hunter is a creator owned comic book that is created, written and artwork by Carmen Martinez. Comic Book Divas Publishing will be the publisher of this awesome all ages comic book.

Meda Hunter is a young girl who has been told crazy stories of monsters disguised as humans, called Totems and about her family’s magic-using, Totem fighting history by her grandfather.

She’s never believed him about any of it until one day a real live Totem, Regina, breaks into their house to steal their family’s ancient magic book of spells. After a struggle, the book is broken and the pages are scattered all over the city. Now, Meda has to track down all the missing pages before the chaotic magic contained in them causes destruction in the city AND before the Totem, Regina can get to them.

Trouble is, Regina is a Coyote Totem, the most powerful and deadly of her species. Luckily, Meda is learning more and more magic spells with every page she finds.

Written and Created by Carmen Martinez, Art and Color by Carmen Martinez

Scheduled February/March 2017

Look for these awesome titles in 2017 and be sure to look out for our convention and store appearances during the year.