The Comic Book Divas Publishing page is where fans can read about some of the titles that we have to offer. The comics that are listed in the menu range from a wide range of genres from horror to humor and are sure to appeal to many tastes.

Comic Book Divas Publishing titles are unique because they feature women from around the entertainment industry including models, actresses, and cosplayers as the actual comic book characters portrayed in the titles. Fans can often meet many of the models at conventions and other events, so they get to meet and interact with the actual characters in the comic by not only speaking with them but also have them sign the copies of the comic book.

Comic Book Divas Publishing offer fans both  hard copy and digital downloads, and you may also download some free preview editions of our titles from the Comic Book Divas Publishing store.  Read more about our titles from our titles menu or be sure to visit the Comic Book Divas Publishing store, and the “Also In The CBDP Store” section.


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