Created and Written by Jeff Hughes

Art by Josh Barker, Colors by Sean Salazar

Featured: Horror Hostess Kaci Hansen, Model Raelynn Blaha, Model Kara Cagle, Heather G, and Model Amber Sneeden



Kaci Hansen Presents..Hello Dollies tells the story of Four college girls travel to Mexico and to the Xochimico’s Canals to perform a documentary on the legendary “Island Of The Dolls” where a a rumour of a small girl haunts the island; tourists are known to leave gifts such as dolls and candy for the child.



There is a legand that the dolls come to life at night and roam the island and play with the ghostly little girl.

The four woman will enter the island and document their journey and investigate the paranormal happenings, as hostess Kaci Hansen guides reader’s through the twisted camping trip that will reveal some startling revelations and shocking ending.

Kaci Hansen whose likeness is featured in the comic and will be the comics hostess or narrator has appeared in independent horror movies and was also among the top 13 finalists in the Fangoria “You Want To Be A Spokesmodel” Contest, she is also the founder of the Central-Valley Horror Club.

Kaci Hansen is joined by Comic Book Divas models Heather G, (Portrays Heather) Amber Sneeden (Portrays Amber), Raelynn Blaha (Portrays Raelynn), and Kara Cagle (Portrays Kara), are featured in the comic book as the unsuspecting college students in the horror comic.

Kaci Hansen Presents..Hello Dollies premiered at the Texas Comic Con in San Antonio, Texas in 2009 with a very limited edition variant cover.

The story idea came to the pages of the comic after watching an episode of Destination Truth on the SYFY channel; when the cast investigated Isla de las Munecas in Mexico City; where the rumor of a ghost child is said to wonder the island after she accidentally drowned. Over the years tourists have left candy and gifts, mostly dolls that now cover the island.

It is rumored that the dolls come to life at night and wonder the island and play with the little girl.


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