The actual t-shirt featured in the comic book is available through creator Joe Garcia’s Fast Custom Shirts website. the shirt features the face of “Xilan”. the evil deity. Order HERE.

The comic is about a rather geeky fan girl named “Vivian, who with her sexy friend “Alicia” attends a comic book convention; while “Alicia” flirts with the drooling fanboys, “Vivian” amerces herself in everything that the convention offers. While there she comes across a t-shirt vendor, among the everyday and mundane shirts she spies a very unusual t-shirt that not only catches her eye but one that hypnotizes her; she knows she must have the shirt as it seems to beckon to her..she must buy the shirt.

Once worn, “Vivian”‘s world will begin to change all around her as an ancient demonic being begins to take control of her life changing her inside and out; turning this once subdued geeky girl into a sultry and dangerous woman.

Joining the cast is April Monique Burril who plays the well-known character Chainsaw Sally. April portrays Xilan, the evil entity that will inhabit the t-shirt; and will begin to control and posses Vivian; in time Xilan will bring out the inner emotions and thoughts that are suppressed within Vivian.

Actress Michelle Shields portrays Vivian; your basic shy, geeky, girl-next-door, who is once possessed by “Xilan”; who will begin to make “Vivian” shed her pint up emotions.

Actress April Burril aka “Chainsaw Sally” portrays “Xilan” the evil deity that inhabits the shirt and will possess Vivian..