Some may say that a stake has been driven into vampires, they have been over exposed and been done to death; there are no longer any original stories to be told; but Comic BoHARKER AND HELSING ABIGAIL VON HELSING ART BY ALFRED TRUJILLOok Divas is going to give the vampire lore and the Dracula legend a transfusion starting in 2013 with the “Harker And Helsing” comic book series.

“Harker And Helsing” brings together many elements from the Dracula legend as it combines pieces from the novel, movies and the Vlad Tepes lore; the comic will featire new characters and will also include some of the original characters from Dracula however with a whole new twist. Dracula and vampire fans will be introduced to a mixture of old and new faces in the comic book series, and they will be immersed in the world of Steampunk; combines the Victoria era with the future, with many of the vehicles, weapons, and gadgets running on steam and mechanical devices.

When fans read “Harker And Helsing” they will see some very cool and unusual vehicles, gadgets, and weapons that only the steampunk world can offer and that will make this comic a step apart from your average vampire storyline.

The “Harker And Helsing” comic book takes place a year after Bram Stoker’s telling of the events that occurred in his novel “Dracula”;  we find “Abigail Von Helsing” the granddaughter of Abraham Von Helsing in London, reminiscing about the dark days involving Dracula, her grandfather, and the Harker’s;  Bram Stoker romanticized the events, there was no happy ending, it all ended in dark tragedy even after the death of the prince of darkness.

Abigail is not only on a mission to continue her grandfather’s work to hunt down Dracula’s disciples and other creatures of the night, but also find her grandfather’s killer and carry out his last request to find the true victim in this dark story Mina Harker was never freed from Dracula even after his death. Dracula’s blood still flowed through Mina’s veins; Abraham Von Helsing and Jonathan Harker worked tirelessly to cure her blood thirst but during a fit of range in blood lust after an argument over Mina’s child  Quincey she disappeared not to be seen again.

While in White Chapel, Abigail will find the vampiric Mina Harker living in squallier in self-appointed exile. After nursing Mina back to health and getting her blood thirst under control, the two learn that they are both on the same paths but Mina Harker has startling information about not only Abraham Von Helsing’s death but about the truth about the events surrounding Dracula, HARKER AND HELSING MINA HARKER ART BY ALFRED TRUJILLO

Abigail will be surprised that Dracula was only a pawn and the true villain will shock will enrage her.

“Harker And Helsing” features not only two iconic actresses but also icons in horror; portraying the intellectual but resourceful “Abigail Von Helsing” is Amanda Wyss; Amanda has been in such classic and iconic movies as Fast Times At Ridgemont High as Lisa, the original A Nightmare On Elm Street as Tina, Silverado as Phoebe; and portraying the seductive but dangerous Mina Harker is Brinke Stevens, Brinke Stevens has been in such classic B-Movies as The Slumber Party Massacre as Linda, Sorority Babes In The Slimeball Bowl-A-Rama, Repligator as Taffy, and Sigma Die as Mrs. Angleman.

Doing the art work for “Harker And Helsing” is Alferd Trujillo, Alfred has worked with such companies as Zenescope on the Grimm Fairy Tales ,Myths And Legends, and is also working on his own comic book entitled Project Shadows. Alfred is bringing both a very gothic look to “Harker And Helsing” but also bring a very sexy look to the characters and the comic; please tak a moment to view the sneak peek art work of “Abigail Von Helsing” and Mina Harker.

Joining Alfred is Colorist Milen Paranov has worked with such companies as DC Comics, and Zenescope; and we are looking forward to seeing his work on “Harker And Helsing”; both Alfred and Milen are sure to bring all the “Harker and Helsing” action to life.

While “Harker And Helsing” #1 won’t be available until 2013, be sure to watch for updates and more sneak peaks of artwork and look for promo cards and postcards at the Dallas Fan Days in October..