Comic Book Divas Publishing with artist Shawn Encarnacion is excited to announce another new all ages comic book entitled “Hero Girl” Hero Girl Outline by Shawn Encarnacionscheduled for release late 2017.

Hero Girl is about Maddy Evans is your typical teem-aged girl next door  and all around straight A student and  geek girl. Until one night while viewing a once in a lifetime meteorite event called the “Moiari Metorite Shower” a wayward meteorite plunges to the earth. While investigating the impact area Maddy falls and is knocked unconscious; when she awakes the meteorite is broken and a mysterious watch has appeared on hr wrist.

Hero Girl is a three issue series that combines action, adventure fun, and a Villain Girl Outline by Shawn Encarnaciontouch of fun educational facts mixed into the story.

At the helm of the comic book to life is creator, writer and owner of Comic Book Divas Publishing is Jeff Hughes and bring Hero Girl to life ain charge of all the cool designs is artist Shawn Encarnacion from the Toon Lodge.

Shawn Encarnacion is a veteran artist and brings a great look to the comic blending traditional comic book style art with an animation feel; Sean is not only the artist but is also the mind behind all the cool character designs and all the cool costume and don’t forget the cool robots and other awesome creatures that will be seen throughout the Hero Girl comic.

Pictured in the first image is the basic outline of  Hero Girl and in the second image is an image of Hero Girl’s arch-nemesis Brandi Dire aka Villain Girl and one of her

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