Created and Written by Jeff Hughes

Art and Art Design, and Colors by Evelyn Fernandez

Courtney Zod Vernado as MARVELOUS

The Lady Scarlett Cosplay as Macy Square

Marvelous” is about your typical geek girl next door, when she isn’t working at her dull-drum job she is reading comic books, and playing video games and wishing she was more like those famous characters. While going in and out of consciousness during a battle with her arch-villain “Macy Square”, MARVELOUS drifts back and remembers the day when a freak accident turned geek girl Courtney Vernado into something “MARVELOUS”.  The question is will she wake up in time remembering the past to handle Macy Square and the giant robot that is about to deliver the final blow and make he a distant memory.

For those early Comic Book Divas Publishing fans, you recall that “MARVELOUS” was part of the “Life Behind The Mask” web series; well we have updated the concept and art design that will be a more action packed comic book in a traditional super hero comic. The comic features two fantastic women who will be in one of the first super hero comics; cosplayer Courtney Zod Vernado is a favorite cosplayer at conventions throughout the Texas area and is also a well-known painter and fabricator with Zod Fabrications. “Marvelous”  Oklahoma and Texas cosplayer  The Lady Scarlett Cosplay will be portraying the brilliant but deadly Macy Square. Both Courtmey Zod Vernado and the The Lady Scarlett Cosplay will be making their debut appearances in the comic.

The artwork and art design is by a new but very talented North Texas artist named Evelyn Fernandez, in addition to hr awesome work as an artist, she is also a great cosplayer; fans may know her from conventions as Evie Grey Cosplay; while she is a new artist and this will be her first comic book she has already awed not only us at Comic Book Divas Publishing but also comic book fans.

“MARVELOUS” is scheduled for release for late 2017.