Created And Written by Jeff HughesGOLDILOCKS IN ZOMBIELAND #4
Art and Art Design by Richard Zerga and Kristi Batz Zerga
Published by Comic Book Divas Publishing, Co-Published by Legends Studios
and Legendary Divas Production

.The plot thickens and the plot is revealed as the mastermind behind the zombie outbreak spills the yoke about his plans for StoryBook 2012 and sends one of his top agents Thumbelina to carry out a most foul and top-secret mission to prevent his plans from coming true. But don’t fear StoryBookers; Queen Rapunzel has her “Little Secrets” of her own with JC The Cricket and June The Ladybug, these two are on their own secret mission and will do whatever they can to spoil Thumbelina’s plans.

What is the secret plot you ask?

Meanwhile Goldilocks and the rest of the party have finally reached Harvest Haven and Doc McGreggor’s farm; once a jewel of not only Harvest Haven but also of Storybook 2012; now as the band looks at the farm it has become barren and looks like a military compound that has been ravaged by evil. Does Doc McGreggor have the answers that Goldilocks and the rest of band have come for? Are the rumors true that he could hold the answers to the zombie virus and if so does he hold a cure?

We’re not going to give you the answers here, you’ll have to read Goldilocks In ZombieLand #4; but we will say this, after you read this issue be sure to eat your vegetables…don’t argue just eat them!

Hey wait..we didn’t answer your question “What is the secret mission?”