Created and Written By Jeff Hughes

Art By Richard Zerga and Kristi ZergaSQ2COVER

Cover By Danielle Gransaull

Featuring; PJ Soles, Rhonda Shear, Lily Cardone, Anjanette Clewis, Amanda Dyar, Kristen Hall, and Lisa Davis

“SQUIRREL: The Chattering” is a parody of the Alfred Hitchcock classic “The Birds” where a flock of birds attack a sleepy Northern California community , creating chaos and death everywhere. The 1963 film starred Tippi Hedren , Jessica Tandy,Suzanne Pleshette, and Rod Taylor. The movie is famous for some of the inspirational camera angles and frames, and with some of the most memorable cinematic scenes from Alfred Hitchcock.

A campus security guard pepper sprays s baby squirrel in front of school children, the squirrel squeals in pain as the children watch in horror; one of the students named “Lily” grabs the baby squirrel and she and her babysitter PJ takes the squirrel to the vet.

The next day Lilly, PJ and the vet release the baby squirrel back into the field and campers back into the forest. After returning to the forest the baby squirrel tells the other squirrels and other creatures of what occurred, soon the sound of chattering fills the forest

Soon the horde of squirrels will descend upon the small town; attacking everywhere including the tranquil park  where both old and young had gathered to relax, play, and feed the squirrels but now the squirrels want something other than peanuts they want revenge.

In issue the “SQUIRREL” invasion has begun, the small town is now over-run with fluffy-tailed varmints, as people run for their lives and try to protect family, friend, and their nuts, there are a few that are in thick of the madness. PJ and Lily are in the battle of their lives as they try to get home to safety, and PJ ponders is this babysitting career is really worth $6.00 and hour?  Teacher Amanda Dyar attempts to get her students home and hopes that “Parent – Teacher Night” is cancelled the next day. Reporter Rhonda Shear is in the middle of the mayhem bringing viewers the breaking news on the invasion, as she reports and runs for cover; she wonders “Will she survive this day and will she ever get to the news anchor desk?”

It all comes down in “SQUIRREL: The Chattering” #2, who will survive, who will fall under the squirrel swarm, and who will loose their nuts?!


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