Comic Book Divas is now making it easy for retailers and vendors to purchase Comic Book Divas titles at a discounted rate without having to purchase large quantities of comics, making this not only easier but also very affordable for any size comic book store or vendor.

Comic Book Divas titles can now be purchased directly from Comic Book Divas Publishing, when retailers or vendors purchase 10 order more copies of a title they will receive a  discount on the total of their purchase, once order the comics will be sent directly to your store or place of business; it’s that easy no complicated forms to fill out no calculator headaches trying to figure out your discount.

After signing up for an account, please fill out the form located on the right side of the page on this page; you will then be sent a discount code that you will use for your order; it’s that easy, no huge forms to fill out and no third party distributors.


Comic Book Divas offers variant covers for comic book stores wanting to have a unique cover especially for their store. Comic Book Divas will work with retailers and vendors to create a comic book cover to their design, we will work with the retailer or vendor with an artist of their choosing or we can provide you with a comic book artist or comic book studio to help you create your own cover. Please Note: That Comic Book Divas is not responsible for artist or printing costs.