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Rhonda Shear takes a breath from her busy schedule at Shear Enterprises to talk with Comic Book Divas about her acting career, her growing Rhonda Shear Enterprises empire and of course about her upcoming first comic book appearance in the Comic Book Divas Legends Of Heroes An Villains comics “SQUIRREL

Q: How did you get started in the entertainment industry, and was it something that you had always wanted to do?

RS: I have always loved to preform! From being in beauty pageants, to Hollywood I really always had the dream to have a career in entertainment. I loved every ACTRESS RHONDA SHEAR minute in Hollywood and love my new career just as much!

Q: You have appeared in several popular television shows such as Happy Days, CHiP’s, The Dukes Of Hazzard, The A-Team, Dallas, and more; which show was the most fun to be on and why?

RS: Married with Children was a lot of fun; I really loved them all though!

Q: Which roles did you enjoy portraying most?

RS: On USA: Up All Night I loved doing impressions of Lucy, Cher, Jeanie, Alice from Honeymooners- characters I thought were great.

Q: You have also appeared in several B-Movies such as Galaxina, Frogtown II, Assault Of The Party Nerds Part 2, and Prison-A-Go-Go; What draws you to such fun and campy roles?

RS: I got hired… Seriously, after being on USA: Up All Night I guess people just associated me with that type of campy/b-movie roll, so I went with it!

Q: Everyone loved your stint on USA:Up All Night, and many a young man stayed, attempted to stay up or snuck to the television to watch you..I mean watch your show; how did you get the job?

RS: So sweet! I loved keeping everyone UP! Before I got the job I was working as a stand-up comedian, and I always got typecast, so when I hear about the opening at USA, I knew I just had to go for it! Other girls showed up to the audition in a business suit, I showed up in a red spandex dress, over-the top hair with a hair dryer in my hand. I guess I made an impression…

Q: Do you have a favorite episode of USA:Up All Night?

RS: Whew over 400 shows… there were a lot of fun ones….. I really enjoyed the one where Seth Rudetsky was my vocal coach, and I guess he is on Broadway now.AMERICAN CANCER Put On Your Pink Bra Event

Q: You are known for your famous high squeak “Up” when introducing the show, how did you come up with that into?

RS: Well, I was having coffee in my kitchen, trying to think of something catchy and it just worked.

Q: You decided to start your own intimates line called “Rhonda Shear Intimates”; what made you decide to create the company, and had you been designing clothing before you started the company?”

RS: My boobs always needed a platform…I honestly have been designing my whole life I just never knew it would grow into a whole new career. I designed clothes for my Barbies, my pageant dresses, and lots of costumes through the years, so it made sense for me to design intimates that actually fit and flatter real curves. Turns out women around the world are all looking for comfort too, and my line has just exploded thanks to the help of my amazing team, my hubby, and incredible partners!

Q: Your company is known for the “Ahh Bra” that was designed by yourself; like any product it takes a lot of marketing to get people to notice something new; how did you go about getting not only customers but retailers to take notice?

RS: I always lived by the idea that you have to “Get their attention, then show them your talent”. I work hard to on quality and fit- I get what women want and I provide it. I want to keep every customer for life! The Ahh Bra was born out of my own desire for a comfortable, no hassle bra and I just made it happen. There are a lot of low-quality knock-offs out there, but you can always find the original, authentic Ahh Bra alongside my full line of shapewear, sleepwear, bras, panties, and more at !

Q: You are on HSN and other shopping channels selling your intimates line, when do you find time to just sit down and relax?

RS: Never….I am still “Up All Night”, but I do sometimes get some down time with my three dogs which is the best!

Q: We are so thrilled to have you part of the Alfred Hitchcock “The Birds” parody comic “SQUIRREL” portraying reporter “Rhonda Shear”; have you ever appeared in a comic book before?RHONDA SHEAR IN SQUIRREL

RS: This is my first time in a comic book! I was in Duckman on USA Network’s animated show, but nothing like this and I’m so excited!

Q: What made you decide to be part of the “SQUIRREL” comic book?

RS: You asked and it sounded fun! Plus, squirrels are cute… maybe not the killer ones….

Q: Growing up did you read comic books?

RS: I did read a couple: Brenda Star, Peanuts, Archie, and others I’m sure!

Q: You are the chair and sponsor for the American Cancer Society’s Making Strides: Put On Your Pink Bra Event; please tell us about the charity and how you became involved.

RS: Thank you for asking! This cause is very important to me. I was approached early last year by our local American Cancer Society about being the event chair and I jumped at the opportunity! I am always reminding women to get checked regularly even on air (we are talking about bras anyway), and there is nothing wrong in my book with running around in a bra to promote awareness, help those in my community, and bring attention and levity to something that is so hard to face. I hear every day from customers going through treatment and from survivors and I have applied what they have taught me to my own intimate apparel line. I felt so blessed to have been a part of the walk last year and I will absolutely be involved again this year!

Q: What can Rhonda Shear fans look forward from you in the future, any projects or convention appearances?

RS: Soooo much going on right now; it’s a really exciting time here at Shear Enterprises, LLC! I have a line of swimwear launching, fragrance, cosmetics, and even a possible reality show- behind the behinds, I mean scenes, of my lingerie business. I just launched my own network on Roku and YahooTV (RhondaShearTV) and I have a lot more in the works. To get the latest follow me on Facebook & Twitter and check out !



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