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Ordering Questions

Ordering Questions: Have you made an order through the Comic Book Divas Store and have a question?  Please visit the Order Questions page HERE

Publishing Management And Collaborations

Comic Book Divas is always looking to assist comic book artists, writers, or anyone with a finished comic book, motion comic, graphic novel or any other comic book project get published and promoted. We will help work with you on getting your comic book project off the ground and advise you on how to get your comic into convention and comic book stores.

For more information visit the Publishing Management page HERE

Comic Book Divas is interested in cross promoting with other comic book publishers, magazines, conventions, charity event and much more. If you are intrested in placing ads in our publications or want to promote your publication or event on our website let us work with you.

To place an ad in our publication for 1 year is $85.00 per publication.

Promotion or Variant Covers For Events Or Promotion

Want a unique way to promote your convention or publication, consider a special variant cover of one of Comic Book Divas titles; this is inventive way to attract new readers to your publication or offer something to those VIP, or entice those early registered convention fans.  

What better way to promote than with your very own variant cover that will only be available through your website and or event, with your own logo where you can offer paid ad space for sponsors and advertisers.





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