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Comic Book Divas Publishing is very excited to announce that cosplayer Nicole Marie Jean has agreed to portray our Red Riding in the upcoming “WANTED: Red Riding” one shot comic book coming in 2015.WANTED RED RIDING POSTER 2 300

Nicole Marie Jean is a cosplayer, artist, sculptor and designer from New Hampshire. Nicole began her journey into the cosplay and convention world in 2011. It was the previous year that she discovered what cosplay was. Nicole fell in love with the idea of being able to combine her love of comics and art to bring her favorite characters to life. During the past three years she has traveled around the country for numerous events and conventions as both an attendee and a guest. She has judged a number of contests and been a part of many panels. Nicole has won numerous awards for her costumes both at conventions and online.

Nicole has created nearly 50 costumes in the past three years and all are inspired by her favorite characters from comics, movies, books, video games and soon animes. Nicole is most well-known for her take on Bane from the Dark Knight Rises film, which has given her the nickname throughout the cosplay community as “Lady Bane.”

When Nicole isn’t creating or debuting new costumes, she sculpts and makes items for her online store. She hopes to continue this journey for many years to come while meeting new people, teaching and inspiring others, entertaining those who follow her work and becoming better at her craft along the way.

Comic Book Divas Publishing chose Nicole Marie Jean from many candidates not only because she had that mixture of classic storybook features but also an element of sexiness. This is essential for Red Riding since she will be leaving the storybook universe where she will have many of the features we NICOLE MARIE JEAN 300are all familiar with from classic storybooks, she then transforms into not only the world-famous model “Rebecca Riding” but also the awesome ass-kicking fairy tale super-hero “Red Riding”.  Comic Book Divas Publishing feels that Nicole Marie Jean’s likeness matched the role.

When Comic Book Divas casts for a comic book role we not only search for a model that matches the likeness envisioned by the creator but also we look for the personality that will also fit the character. This is very important since often fans will meet the model at comic book conventions or other events. It’s very special for fans to meet not only the model portraying the character but also when they have the personality to match, Nicole Marie Jean’s personality almost mirrors the same attitude that our Red Riding embodies; she is smart, and thinks out of the box; she is also creative, just like Nicole she designs her own costume. In addition Red Riding also mirrors Nicole Marie Jean’s sense of humor with that touch of sarcasm, which is very important for the character.

All these qualities embody Red Riding, and we are so very excited that Nicole Marie Jean is not only our Red Riding, but just as excited that she is part of “WANTED: Red Riding” but also part of Comic Book Divas Publishing.

Not only will Nicole Marie Jean be featured as Red Riding in the comic book, but her fans can also look forward too exclusive “WANTED: Red Riding” merchandise including variant limited edition covers of “WANTED: Red Riding”, limited edition posters and more that will only be available through Nicole Marie Jean.

Visit Nicole Marie Jean’s pages to checkout her latest cosplays and just see what she is up too and her appearances.

Official Facebook Fan Page

Nicole Marie Jean Twitter Page

Nicole Marie Jean Instagram Page

Visit the Nicole Marie Jean Store

Be sure to visit the website for sneak peeks and updates about “WANTED: Red Riding” but also visit the official “WANTED: Red Riding” Facebook Fan Page. the Comic Book Divas Publishing Fan Page, on Twitter @ComicBookDivas  #WANTEDREDRIDING.







Comic Book Divas Publishing is heading to the Alamo City Comic Con in San Antonio, Texas September 26th-28th. Like many of the conventions that we attend, we not only bring with us exiting and new comics or variant covers but we also try to save fans just a little bit of cash to help them stretch that dollar.

During the Alamo City Comic Con, Comic Book Divas will have our own variations of the Goldilocks  In ZombieLand #1 and Goldilocks In ZombieLand #2 of the Alamo City Comic Con variant at our table along with other great products including posters, and of course our very popular CBDP t-shirts created by Fast Custom Shirts. So be sure to get to the Comic Book Divas Publishing table early to get your awesome merchandise.

For all the details about the coupons, visit the CBDP COUPONS FOR ALAMO CITY COMIC CON page.