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Comic Book Divas Publishing continues the article on our new “8 Page Action” comic book series, this  phase of our comic book title lineup has begun production with “8 Page Action: Featuring BlackBird”; the second issue in production is “8 Page Action: Featuring Marvelous”, this issue is scheduled for release in 2015.

Like “BlackBird” and most of the other characters that are slated to appear in the “8 Page Action” comic book series “Marvelous” is also from the earlier web series hero parody “A Life Behind The Mask” series, however in that series the character was known by “Ms. Marvelous”; a housewife and mother in her civilian life and super hero in the super hero community.  Both the “8 Page Action” series and the new “Marvelous” are far different from the earlier series.  As mentioned in the first part of the article “8 PAGE ACTION SERIES: 8 PAGES FULL OF ACTION PART 1“;

“The “8 Page Action” comic line, will only be 8-12 pages long in most issues, fans will be dropped right into the action as it is going on without all the back-story; it will almost be DEE RICH1as though the fans are looking at the events from the sideline, also at the same time in the story you will get the viewpoints and insights of the characters giving the reader some understanding of who these characters are and what makes them tick. also like most CBDP titles the comics will feature Comic Book Divas models, in the “8 Page Action” comics we will be spotlighting various cosplayers portraying the heroes and villains in the comic.”

The “8 Page Action” Featuring Marvelous”  will feature the artwork of Evelyn Fernandez; the comic will feature one of the founding CBDP models, Chicago model actress, and cosplayer Michelle Shields who will be portraying “Marvelous” and Oklahoma cosplayer Dee Rich who will be portraying the evil mad scientist “Macy Square”.


During a brutal battle with her arch-enemy mad scientist “Macy Square” “Marvelous” goes in and out of consciousness and recalls her life before and after she gained her unique comic book like powers. On that fateful day Michelle Shields took a much deserved bubble bath and relaxed reading her comics, a massive earthquake hits spilling the comics into the tub while a electrical cord falls into the water, turning Michelle Shields into something “Marvelous”.


Many North Texas convention fans also know Evelyn Fernandez as cosplayer “Evie Grey”, she is also in the first “8 Page Action” comic “8 Page Action: Featuring BlackBird” as she portrays “Jolly The Candy Clown”; in addition Evelyn is also one of the newest “Faces Of Comic Book Divas”. While talking to Evelyn about her appearance in the first issue we discovered that she was also a very talented artist, we approached Evelyn to do “8 Page Action: Featuring Marvelous” and she agreed. While this is Evelyn’s first full comic book fans will be blown away by her art style. In addition to this being her first full comic book project, this will also be the first time as a character and costume designer.MICHELLE SHIELDS1


Michelle Shields has been involved in many different kinds of projects from films to TV, to comic books to print. Because she takes her time when selecting projects to be a part of, she has a very impressive resume which includes major blockbusters like ‘The Dark Knight’ to the highly renowned ‘Frankenstein: Day of the Beast’. Along with feature films, Michelle has starred in a number of accredited short films such as ‘Slasher’, ‘Special Day’ and ‘Illusion’.

Read more about Evelyn Fernandez in her interview.

Michelle Shields is also one of the founding models of Comic Book Divas Publishing and also a “Face Of Comic Book Divas”; Michelle can also be seen in many of the CBDP titles such as Joe Garcia’s “Deadly Threads”. Michelle Shields portrays the heroine “Marvelous”, like the character Michelle is a geek herself with her love of comics especially Batman and like her character she brings the classic girl next door appeal.


Dee Rich is a Oklahoma cosplayer but is a North Texas and Texas fan favorite as she has appeared at many conventions and events in the North Texas and Texas area. Dee is nown for her cosplay as popular comic book characters but also she cosplays as lesser known but cool characters as well making her a very unique cosplayer.  Dee Rich is not only  portraying the evil mad scientist “Macy Square”.  Like Michelle Shields, Dee Rich has that girl next door look, but Dee also brings a unique physical appearance, unlike most ecil mad scientist who reply on their brains, Dee Rich’s “Macy Square” can kick butt; making this evil mad scientist a determined and deadly villain.

CBDP Fans can look for “8 Page Action: Featuring Marvelous” before the end of 2015; be sure to check the CBDP website for sneak peeks of artwork and updates and be sure to also check our social media news on the CBDP Facebook Fan Page, On Twitter @ComicBookDivas, Pintrest,and our Google+ Page to get all the latest news on this comic and our other news. Also be sure to visit Evelyn Fernandez Facebook Page, Michelle Shields Website, and the Dee Rich Facebook Fan Page.










Who said “Nothing In Life Is Free”? Comic Book Divas Publishing says “Free Is Fun!” so we are offering a few of our titles for free to download, so that you can see some of the awesome titles we have to offer.

Comic Book Divas Publishing is offering samples of three of our titles to be downloaded for free that can be viewed on your tablet and smart phone; the titles include one of Comic Book Divas Publishing comics entitled “Kaci Hansen Presents” featuring horror personality Kaci Hansen; then we are offering fans the classic Alfred Hitchcock  parody of  “The Birds”  in “SQUIRREL: The Chattering”  that features PJ Soles from the original Halloween, and Rhonda Shear who is known from her B-Movie appearances and from the 80′s classic television show USA Up All Night.  Lastly but not least is the sample of the fairy tale zombie comic “Goldilocks In ZombieLand” #1 featuring North Texas cosplayer Emily Ann.

All these issues also come with a special discount code for a $1.00 off our regular edition comics.

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