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Comic Book Divas Publishing talks with North Texas cosplayer, gamer, and all around cool geek girl Lhars Ebersold to get her insights on all things pop culture  cosplay and geeky,  Plus did we mention that Lhars will be portraying the hero “BlackBird”in the upcoming “8 Page Action: Featuring BlackBird” comic book.


Q: For those of us that are not cool, tell us a bit about Lhars Ebersold.LHARS 1

LE: I’m an artist of all kinds, grew up in a very artistic family. (Original Disney artist Hank Porter, followed by and couple of children, Museum curators, professional commission artists, ect) I’m working for a custom manufacturing company making everything from various materials, as well as doing all the digital work. I Found this nitch after being a commission artist doing paintings, pencils and pastels for the past 12 years and wanted to expand my knowledge.

Q: We have seen you all over the convention circuit, and we all know your photos from social media and the Internet; How did you get started in cosplaying?

LE: I was first discovered from video gaming. Nationally ranked for a while and a site found me and put me in a spotlight at PAX Seattle. After that (being my first time and terrified me half to death) I had more and more people track me down and pull me out of my security blanket. I went to a couple of conventions before cosplaying and admired those who did. I think it was 2011 that I took the leap, (Dark Pheonix) and went with a group of my friends for support. Been non stop since.

Q: When you were growing up were you interested in comics, games and other things associated in pop culture; what did you gravitate to more as a kid and why?

LE: I was into He-Man and ThunderCats as a kid, thanks to all my neighbors being boys, so I only hung out with boys. Played lots and lots of Zelda and Mario and always dug through their comics (preferred Spider-Man as a kid and then I grew up and realized Batman was way better).LHARS 2

Q: Do you think your tastes in comics, gaming, and all things pop culture have changed through the years; and is there a particular “Geeky Product” that is not around anymore that you miss?

LE: I miss my He-man and Thundercat collection. I had everything!!! Think my parents sold them at a garage sale.

Q: When picking a cosplay, what inspires you to want to cosplay as that character?

LE: I have a dark side, been hurt and emotionally thrown in the gutter. I depict characters I can relate too, the built up rage, the anger, vengefulness. Something is empowering in that.

Q: Do you remember the first cosplay costume you created, looking back on your first experience what would you change?

LE: Dark Pheonix was my first, I learned to not spray paint boots….that stuff starts cracking and falling apart within an hour lol

Q: If you could re-design any costume in comics, gaming, or in cartoons which costumes would you change and why?

LE: Maleficent was one, I did that back during Fan Days Con last fall, and actually didn’t get to finish everything I wanted to do.

Q: What characters would you like to cosplay in the future?

LE: Hawk Girl, Tigra, Spider-Girl <- don’t see much of theseLHARS 3

Q: What is the most challenging cosplay costume you have created, what was the most difficult part of the design?

LE: Maleficent was the hardest, most time-consuming. Spent hours hand gluing scales and never finished… it turned into an expensive project I couldn’t finish in time

Q: What comics did you read as growing up, and what characters did you relate to the most?

LE: CatWoman. I own every comic. I am her.

Q: Are you reading any comic books now, what storylines and characters are you following now. What are you enjoying about the two?

LE: I was reading Punisher Max, 1-60… after 60 writers and artists changed and it got kind of crappy. I love Batman’s (Dark Knight), started up on the new Red Sonjas…bout all I’ve had time for.

Q: What was your first video game you played and your fondest memory of playing the game?

LE: That stupid Nintendo Duck Hunt, and that stupid dog that would harass you. It used to make me the angriest little girl.

Q: What games are you playing now, have you hit a level(s) that you have started screaming at the screen?

LE: I play a lot of MMO’S MMORPG, but the types of games that have me jumping around like a tard would be the Devil May Cry games. I love them…boss fights I still bounce around like a bunny.

Q: Do you feel you were treated differently or did you feel a bit out-of-place for liking comics and video games when you were younger?

LE: No not really, think it helped I was only friends with boys. Don’t think I was treated differently. Unless I conveniently blocked it out of my memory

Q: When you go to conventions as a cosplayer what moments stand out most?LHARS 5

LE: Little kids googly eyes. When they walk up and want a hug…omg cuteness overload

Q: What is the most geekiest moment(s) you have had at a comic book convention or other event?

LE: One of my geekiest moments was running into Christopher Lloyd when he was on a break from doing autographs and panels. Nice guy, took everything not to shout out “1.21 gigwatts”

Q: What female character in comics,gaming,cartoon or other pop culture character you feel deserves their own comic or game and why?

LE: Hawkgirl, no one really knows much about her. Why is this?

Q: Women have come to the forefront in recent years in the pop culture community; but it still seems that they are still in the shadows in creating and drawing comics, and in gaming design. How do you feel these things can be changed?

LE: I think its getting way better to be honest, I know tons of women in the fields now that beliefs aren’t that we just make babies and sandwiches. I think encouraging the interests at younger ages, high school, ect. Show them how much fun those areas can be. (Take your kids to more conventions!!)

Q: What advice do you have for those just getting into the cosplay community?

LE:Do something you like!! Don’t worry about popularity of it, or how you look as that character, do it cause you want too! The community is a very loving bunch and will accept you no matter what.

Q: Where can fans follow you and your cosplay?

LE: I’m on FaceBook, Google +, Twitter @Loreleina, Instagram as Lhars Ebersold ( Yes that’s my real name)

Q: What conventions will you be attending this year?

LE: I know I will be at Dallas Comic Con, Dallas Fan Days, Texas Frightmare Weekend, and talking about a couple more


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Geek Girls News and Comic Book Divas is proud to announce the “The Top Geek: Who Will Be The Face Of Geek Girls News” Contest” Could you be the face of Geek Girls News and be the envy of the girls of geekdom? Enter and win but remember there can only be one winner.

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