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Comic Book Divas will be heading is heading back to one of the biggest and star packed comic book conventions not only in Texas but in the country, Dallas Comic Con 2013 MayDCC250 17th-19th and we will be bringing some greaat Comic Book Divas models, Cosplayers, and Variants with us.

Comic Book Divas will be heading back to one of the biggest comic book events in Texas, and rapidly becoming “Must Attend” conventions in the country; this year the Dallas Comic Con will bigger and better than ever as they are bringing some of the top artists and celebrities from around the comic book and entertainment world.  This year the DCC will be offering fans a lineup a lineup of guests bigger than “Big Tex” himself!  The guest list is so long we can’t possibly mention everyone but here are just some of the headliners attending DCC 2014; “The Captain himself” William Shatner, star of McGyver and StarGate Richard Dean Anderson, from Firefly, Serenity, Castle, and voice actor for Justice League Nathan Fillion, voice actor and the voice of “Batman Kevin Conory, the Pink Ranger herself Catherine Sutherland, artist and Marvel Zombies artist Arthur Suydam, artist Amanda Connor,artist Jim Steranko and many more.

Among all the guests and fans, Comic Book Divas will be setup  in the artist alley/small press area, Comic Book Divas will be debuting some awesome variant covers including “SQUIRREL” #1 Featuring actress and Comic Book Divas model Anjanette Clewis, the Rondo nominated “Penny Dreadful’s Cauldron Of Terror” Spell-Bound Variant by Alfred Trujillo, the Miss Misery’s A Haunting Desire” Comic Book Divas Photo Variant Cover, and a special print featuring cosplayer Krystle Starr as “Pamela Strong” from the upcoming super hero mystery comic “Donor” by Eddie Medina.


Created and Written by Jeff HughesPENNY DREADFUL SPELLBOUND

Art by Richard and Kristi Zerga

Featuring: PJ Soles, Rhonda Shear, Lily Cardone,  Amanda Dyar, Anjanette Clewis, Kristen Hall, Sara Barrett

This is the special “SQUIRREL” #1  Movie Poster Variant Cover edition that features the face of one of the fearful fluffy-tailed varmint coming through the darkness of the black background. At the top are the words “SQUIRREL”  The New Word In Terror” below are the credits of the cast.

“SQUIRREL” is a parody of the Alfred Hitchcock classic “The Birds” where a flock of birds attack a sleepy Northern California community , creating chaos and death everywhere. The 1963 film starred Tippi Hedren , Jessica Tandy,Suzanne Pleshette, and Rod Taylor. The movie is famous for some of the inspirational camera angles and frames, and with some of the most memorable cinematic scenes from Alfred Hitchcock.

A campus security guard pepper sprays s baby squirrel in front of school children, the squirrel squeals in pain as the children watch in horror; one of the students named “Lily” grabs the baby squirrel and she and her babysitter PJ takes the squirrel to the vet.

The next day Lilly, PJ and the vet release the baby squirrel back into the field and campers back into the forest. After returning to the forest the baby squirrel tells the other squirrels and other creatures of what occurred, soon the sound of chattering fills the forest

Soon the horde of squirrels will descend upon the small town; attacking everywhere including the tranquil park  where both old and young had gathered to relax, play, and feed the squirrels but now the squirrels want something other than peanuts they want revenge!


Created and Written by Penny DreadfulMMCBD300

Sprite Fright art by Josh Barker

Puppy Love art by Frankie B Washington

Penny Dreadful the horror hostess of “Shilling Shockers” has brought chills and and chuckles throughout the Massachusetts and New England areas; who has also spell-bound fans in over 150 cities throughout six states and also over Internet channels, and past seasons are now available on DVD including “The Dreadful Hallowgreen” Special” Halloween Special featuring Penny and fellow horror host Dr. Ganggreen. Now Penny Dreadful is bring her “Dreary Ones” (Fans) and comic book lovers her first comic book that is created and written by Penny Dreadful herself.

“Penny Dreadful’s Cauldron Of Terror” contains two haunting stories that will take you back to the days of the classic EC Comics (For those Dreary Ones and comic book fans that are too young to remember EC Comics, please read here and check them out at your favorite comic book store).  Penny has created and written two stories that will give both “Dreary Ones” and comic book fans a good chill and chuckle with her creations “Sprite Fright” and “Puppy Love”.

The first story entitled “Sprite Fright”;Penny takes you to a  storybook time, and tells the tale of a little girl named “Christina”  and her sprite friend “Cymbeline”; she and “Cymbeline”; along with the other sprite and fairy friends talk and play games in the garden, but when the sunsets “Christina” must say goodbye to “Cymbeline” and her other magical friends until the next day.

“Christina” wants to invite her friends inside the house to play after sunset but Christina’s mother will not allow her to invite them into the house.

What happens when Christina’s mother leaves her alone with her baby sister and invites her friends into the house?AC200

Penny Dreadful’s next story comes straight from the question, “How did Penny And Garou Meet?” in a story entitled “Puppy Love” ; since Penny wants to keep this story a surprise for her fans, we at Comic Book Divas can not say to much in fear that Penny may turn Comic Book Divas owner Jeff Hughes into a Texas  horn-frog!

All that Comic Book Divas can say is this “When Penny and Garou met it was love at first fright


Created by Miss Misery Written by Miss Misery and Jeff Hughes

Art by Arianna Sherman, Colors by Sean Salazar

Featured: Horror Hostess Miss Misery, Musician John Gillette, The band DAMMIT

Published by Comic Book Divas and Last Doorway ProductionKS200

Miss Misery first comic book is entitled “Miss Misery’s A Haunting Desire”; the comic book tells the tale of Miss Misery’s obsession with her favorite band “DAMMIT” and how she follows them everywhere they appear, she is clearly the bands biggest fan, but her heart belongs to John the band’s lead guitarist John, the only problem is he doesn’t know how she feels.

Miss Misery doesn’t do flowers, candy or jewelry to get the attention of a potential boyfriend..but KIDNAPPING will really impress them.

Reyna Young who created this first installment of the “Miss Misery” comic book series approach Jeff Hughes the owner and primary writer of Comic Book Divas , where they collaborated to bring the story to the pages of a comic book.

Joining Comic Book Divas will be some of the Comic Book Divas models including actress and Comic Book Divas model Anajnette Clewis who is featured in “SQUIRREL”; she will be on hand to sign her “SQUIRREL” variant cover edition aswell as her photo prints and DVD’s. Cosplayer and Comic Book Divas model Krystle Starr is best known for cosplaying Batgirl, Green Lantern, and Princess Leia and who will be portraying “Pamela Strong” in the upcoming suer hero mystery comic book series “Donor”; Krystle Starr will be at the Comic Book Divas table signing her special edition print from “Donor”
with art by Eddie Medina. she will also have prints of herself decked out in some of her popular cosplay costumes; ENANSI002
plus she will be discussing her role in “Donor”. Also joining the Comic Book Divas table for the first time will be fan favorite cosplayer Enasni Volz who is widely known at conventions for portraying the lovable, sexy but whackily derranged Harley Wuinn; she will be at the Comic Book Divas table taking pictures and signing prints.

Visit thw Comic Book Divas table on the third floor at the artist alley and small press area, visit with Comic Book Divas owner and writer Jeff Hughes, pick up the Comic Book Divas Variants, and of course meet Anjanette, Krystle, and Desiree.

Dallas Comic Con

May 17th-19th 2013

Irving Convention Center














Like many of you Comic Book Divas and Geek Girls News first saw Jesse Johnson’s Wonder Woman Fan Trailer on ScreenRant or on YouTube; we were impressed by everything about the trailer from the story, the filing, the CGI, DIRECTOR AND STUNTMAN JESS JOHNSONand of course Nina Berman’s portrayal of Wonder Woman. We sat down with the director Jesse V Johnson and talked to him about his career as a stuntman, a director and yes about the his acclaimed Wonder Woman Fan Trailer.

Q: Jesse, so that our readers can get a overview of yourself, tell us a little bit about yourself.

JJ: Hi there, I am a writer/director living in Los Angeles.  For a number of years I have been making a living as a director of smaller movies and performing as a stunt man on bigger ones.

Q: Reading about you and your career,  you have made a living as a stuntman; how did you get involved in stunt work, is this something you wanted to do or did just happen to fall into the career?

JJ: My family have been involved going back to my grandfather, who was a horseman on a number of British movies.  I struggled early on not to follow that path, and attempted almost every other career on a film set, from production design, to assistant directing, none of them are as much fun or pay as well as stunt work, it took a few years for me to realize this.

Q: What is the most involve stunt you have been involved in on th set of a movie?

JJ: Creating the battle sequence on Lincoln with Garrett Warren, the burden was to do as good a job as possible, for Spielberg of course, but also to do justice to the important subject matter.

Q: Have you ever been involved in a dangerous stunt and afterwards asked yourself “What was I thinking when I agreed to do this?”

JJ: I have thought it a few times just before doing the stunt, not afterward.

Q: You have worked on some large movie productions including Total Recall, Charlie’s Angels, Planet Of The Apes, War of the Worlds, Mission Impossible 3, Thor, The Amazing Spider-Man, 374547_10151291431026361_2027355212_nand most recently the Academy Award Winning Lincoln. Have you ever been start struck  if so who was it and why?

JJ: Many times, I love this business, I love movies, and I love individuals who see the world in a different way to the average person, being around them is a privilege, an honor.  These people are stars in their profession because they have that undeniable something, it is beautiful, translucent and radiant.  Yes, it has to affect you, or you should be in another trade.  But, you must deal with it, and approach them as you would any one else, with courtesy and respect.

Q: Reading your resume you have also been involved in many comic book films, including Thor and The Amazing Spider-Man, which of these movies were more involved from a stunt person’s point of view?

JJ: They were wonderful to work on, whenever you enter into a fantasy environment things become fun for a stunt man, you can react bigger, you get to fly, to flip, to get punched through doors – they are the exciting jobs.

Q: You’re now a director, what made you want to become a director?

JJ: I believed I had something to offer, it is a drive that must be there and undeniable.  I wanted to make the films I would pay to go and see.  When someone else makes a film I wish I had made, it saddens me, and then fuels me.  I get nothing from seeing bad movies.

Q: You write and direct movies about people fighting against the odds and misfist, what draws you to telling these types of stories?

JJ: They were the films I wanted to see, I don’t think like that anymore, my taste has evolved, and I want to deal more with the everyman now, less with the misfit, the outsider, I feel that I ‘ve explored that street.WONDER WOMAN CAPTURED

Q: When you are directing, do you use your insight as a stuntman when you are directing a scene?

JJ: Of course, the two are so similar, with stunts you’re looking to make people feel safe, while looking dangerous.  Directing is about gaining the  trust of your cast and partnering with them, watching out for them creatively, as opposed to physically, although that is sometimes also a concern.

Q: As a comic book fan, ex comic book dealer, and now comic book publisher; I have always asked why directors and writers find it necessary to change the story or origin?

JJ: You have to be in love with that character to commit to make a film about them.  Likewise you have to be in love with the accompanying scenario to become involved with it for a year or maybe more.  If I tweak it a little to make it more appealing to me, to keep my interest, to motivate my energy and enthusiasm, so be it.  I would never change it for the sake of changing it – sometimes elements are changed for you, by the budget, environment, cast or your employers.

Q: As a director what would you like to do differently in a comic book based movie?

JJ: My motivation with Wonder Woman was simple, I wanted her to be believable as a warrior woman with above average strength, I wanted her to be a figurehead for young women, a symbol of empowerment.  She relies on no man, and affords no quarter to evil doers.  She does what it takes and does it well.  She carries the burden of responsibility for justice, the scars of past battles, her uniform shows the evidence of previous battles.

I wanted to return to the motivation of the original comic book, which the way I saw it, was to create a wartime heroine for the women working the steel mills and munitions factories.  This was not NINA BERGMAN AS WONDER WOMANa character designed to titillated young men, that came in the 1980’s with the TV show, and we’ve done everything we can to distance ourselves from that interpretation.  Our intended audience wasn’t even born in the 1980’s – my daughters who are 12 and 6 love our version of Wonder Woman, they were a factor in shaping my version.

Q: We saw the trailer for the “Wonder Woman” fan trailer; what inspired you to make the trailer?

JJ: Honestly, I was planning a black and white crime feature that I had raised some independent equity for, I wanted to test a prosumer camera that I was researching, that I believed had the capability to shoot superior quality footage.  My wife didn’t let me spend our savings, so I sold one of my motorcycles to pay for the trailer.

Story-wise, I have always loved Wonder Woman but felt her to have been one seriously maligned super hero.  She seemed in desperate need of a make-over, not so gritty that it distanced super-hero fans, or so serious that it felt documentary-like, but something exciting and whimsical, but powerful, too.

Q: The trailer depicts “Wonder Woman” during WWII; most people really don’t think of the character going back that far in time, you must have really done some research; did you read a lot of the comics for your source material?

JJ: For me her history is interwoven with that of the Second World War.

Q: What was your thought process in writing the script for the Wonder Woman fan trailer?

JJ: Thomas Jane’s Punisher short had come out, and I liked it, thought it was smart – it had a lot to do with my knuckling down and doing this, so I wrote an eight minute short film, ten pages of script.

Q: How long did it take for you and the crew to make the film and what was the most challenging aspect of making the trailer?NINA BERGMAN

JJ: We shot for two days in San Pedro at a State Park, and then a half day of insert shots.  The most challenging was getting everyone there for free.  My two producers, Hugh Daly and Faz Brahimi had a lot to do with that.  They were great and we all pooled our contacts.

Q: What qualities were you looking for an actress to play Wonder Woman; it seems this is a hot topic with comic book fans and it seems movie and television studios.  You selected actress Nina Bergman to portray Wonder Woman; what made her stand out among the others for the roll?

JJ: Nina and I were friends before this, we had been looking for a project to do together, she is a force of nature, a performer but also, like me a hustler.  I knew it was going to be a tough haul, and I needed a partner in crime, not just a pretty face.

Q: Did Nina do her own stunts in the trailer or did you use a stunt woman?

JJ: Nina did everything, she trained like a champ weeks ahead of the shoot, and Luke Lafontaine, who choreographs for me, beat her up pretty badly, he was relentless.  He kept telling us he didn’t want some pretty actress playing his favorite super hero, he wanted her to do right by the character, to fight and move like a warrior.  He takes his role seriously.

Q: In the trailer we really didn’t see Nina use Wonder Woman’s lasso; did it just not come up in the trailer or did you leave it out intentionally?

JJ: We had a sequence with the whip, and we even explored using it like a Chinese steel whip within the fight sequence, but ultimately the experiments with the CG were unsuccessful – we had a small budget, and it is better to avoid negative elements that will draw attention away from your hard work.

Q: Will there be a full Wonder Woman fan movie coming out or was this just made to be a trailer?

JJ: Not any time soon.

Q: Have you thought about doing other  comic book based trailers or movies, if so what characters would you like to film?

JJ: I would love to do another, there are a couple that have been overlooked and badly treated, who deserve much better.  I have my eye on them, and it won’t be financed by me selling my motorcycle this time.

Q: Since I am a small press comic book publisher, I have to ask this; have you ever thought about doing a trailer based on a small press comic book title?

JJ: If the story was provocative and not derivative, if there was something there for me to sink my teeth into – yes, I would love to.

Q: Where can fans follow you for more information about your movies such as “The Package”, “The Butcher”, and of course the award-winning “Charlie Valentine”?

JJ: Jesse V Johnson  on Twitter and Jesse V. Johnson on Facebook, we also have a Wonder Woman Facebook Fan Page or Watch It On YouTube .