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Comic Book Divas Publishing reached out to North Texas cosplayer Evelyn Fernandez aka Evie Grey. we spoke to her about her start in cosplay, her thoughts on comics, gaming and of course being an artist and a cosplayer. Fans can also find Evie Grey in the upcoming coming comic book 8 Page Action: Featuring: BlackBird” where she plays “Jolly The Candy Clown”, in addition Evie will be drawing “8 Page Action Featuring Marvelous



Q: For those us that are just know finding out who you are, give us a glimpse of who Evie Grey is.

EG: I guess I classify myself as an Artist. I’m a painter, illustrator, and love all things geeky. I was born in Argentina and came to the states when I was about five years old. I always had a very supportive mother, who has let me embrace my weirdness and continue exploring with my artwork, in which I now find myself Cosplaying (because aside from what some people might think, it IS a form of art and expression.)

Q: You are still pretty new to the cosplay scene but already making quite the impression; how did you get started in cosplay?

EG: Ever since I was little I have loved making costumes. One of my first costumes when I was little was of a closet created Supergirl. As I got older I started learning how to sew from my mother, then I got into making costumes for Halloween which is what really got me into costume making. Then I found the wonderful world of cosplay and now I am hooked.

Q: What was the first cosplay costume you created, what was the greatest challenge you faced creating the costume?

EG: I guess the first cosplay costume I created was Corpse Bride, even though I had no idea what cosplay was at the time. I had a friend that wanted to get rid of her old wedding dress so I thought what better use for it! I made all the parts to that costume, but the most challenging part had to be the wig. I decided to make my own so I bought a wig cap and some synthetic weft and attacked it with a hot glue gun, and then I painted it with acrylic to give it that dead matted look.

Q: When we spoke not to long ago, you were doing prosthetics for a project, that is a very intense and complicated material to work with, what made y168285_10200960154062370_186867430_nou want to work with this medium?

EG: love sculpting, but I have never worked with latex before and have always had a fascination with prosthetic makeup. I’ve always wanted to learn, and what better way to do it than on a friend and for Comic Con!

Q: Do you create all the elements to your cosplay costumes or do you also by certain parts or props?

EG: I tend to be super frugal so I try to make my own costumes and props as much as possible. Thrift stores and hot glue and two of my friends whenever I’m making costumes, I also like to have control over the finished product so it’s easier to just do it myself.

Q: What is the most challenging cosplay costume you have created and/or are you working on?

EG: I’m still fairly new to this cosplay thing so I don’t have many costumes I’ve created yet, but one of the most challenging costumes so far I think was my Injustice Wonder Woman. It was the first time I had made armor and I was experimenting with craft foam. I made her breast plate, tiara, and the appliques on the boots all out of craft foam, and the gauntlets I made with sheet aluminum.

Q: All cosplayers have their list of cosplay costumes they want to create what are some of the costumes you would like to create and why?580948_4554510377104_1196944664_n

EG: I’ve always LOVED Tomb Raider so Lara Croft is definitely in my list. Witchblade is also one that I have been thinking about because her costumes are so intricately detailed it would be a great challenge to make it. Plus it will be challenging to get my body into shape for it. Goblin Queen, Female Thor, so many others…

Q: Why do you enjoy creating cosplay costumes, what gives you the most enjoyment?

EG: I just enjoy creating basically. It takes me far away from the real world.

Q: When selecting a cosplay costumes, do you select the costume because of the design of the costume or is it because of the character?

EG: Both. When you cosplay, you somewhat become that character, so knowing you character is a plus. Some characters just have awesome costumes that would be fun to make.

Q: If you could re-design any costume in comics, gaming, cartoons..etc which costume would you change and why?

EG: Probably most of the female costumes out there. Something about fighting in a thong and high heels just isn’t practical to me. ( Kitana, from Mortal Kombat)

Q: You are probably a really big fan of comics, gaming, cartoons; what costume or part of a costume drives you crazy and why?

EG: Going back to the female characters in thongs, Practicality just wasn’t something men thought of whenever they were creating costumes back then. That’s why I was so happy to cosplay Jim Lee’s version of Wonder Woman when she had pants. Sadly, that didn’t last very long, but I love Wonder Woman no matter what, pants or no pants.1391432_533007710113937_1997881375_n

Q: When you were younger, what comics did you read and what characters did you follow, what in the comic and characters did you enjoy?

EG: I used to read a lot of X-Men comics and loved everything about mutant powers. I wanted to have a power of my own, but what I was REALLY into when I was younger was Sailor Moon! It was just cool to watch teenage heroines from different planets kick some ass.

Q: What comic book, gaming, or cartoon character do you relate to more and why?

EG: I didn’t really know until I cosplayed Wonder Woman. I began to study up on her and realized I had a lot of the same qualities. I like to think of myself as strong and independent and able to kick some booty when I need to.

Q: We are guessing you are a video gamer, what games did you enjoy playing in the past and what games do you play currently, and what do you enjoy about the games?

EG: I love gaming! They are just fun and I love seeing the new graphics that come out every time. I’m not a hardcore gamer because that requires you to have almost no contact with the outside world, but I do play any time I get the chance to. I love the classics like Super Mario Bros., Sonic, and Toe jam and Earl. I’m also a super Tomb Raider and Halo fan.

Q: If you could assemble your top three female characters into a comic book, video game or movie; who would you select and why would they be your top three?

EG: To select just three is difficult, but I guess I would choose Wonder Woman for strength and fortitude, Jean Grey for her telepathic powers and because she’s just awesome, and Mystique because you always need a villain and she’s a bad ass who can transform herself into anyone.

Q: When I was a comic book dealer and even now as a publisher there are some women that women are depicted as being too sexy in pop culture and in cosplay, what are your thoughts?

EG: I don’t think it’s wrong to have sexy characters in comics. Women are sexy, so why not show it off. On the other hand I do like seeing female characters that aren’t just wearing pasties because there is a growing audience of young girl comic readers that are very impressionable. So I would see a problem with really young girls wanting to cosplay a really sexy character like Starfire for example.

Q: There are many girls that want to cosplay but they may feel that they need to be a certain “body type” what would you tell them?

EG: I think that as long as you feel comfortable in your own skin and are having fun with your cosplay, that is all that matters.

Q: What female comic book or gaming character deserves to have their own comic book or have their own game and why?

EG: I’ve always wanted to see a well done Sailor Moon game. It would be really fun and bright, and full of Moon Power!

Q: How or what have been the most major changes you have seen in comics and in video games both good and bad?

EG: As an artist I look at the quality of art that has drastically changed. Comics are getting more and more detailed and games are becoming highly realistic with their graphics.

Q: We know you have only been doing cosplaying for a short time but where you see cosplaying going in the future?

EG: I would like to keep Cosplaying for as long as possible, but I would also like to make costumes and props for others to enjoy at conventions.

Q: This is one of the standard questions we like to ask in our interviews. Women have come to the forefront of the pop culture community in the past several years, but there still seems to be a lack of female comic book artists, writers and gaming designers, why do you feel this is occurring?

EG: There is a growing number of female artists in the comic world, but this industry is very much male dominated, that’s a given. Comics have always been directed towards mainly teenage boys and their issues, so the female demographic just isn’t as large as the male. It doesn’t mean that women don’t want to be in the comic industry or read comic books, just that most women are not interested in comics and gaming. There is something empowering about seeing a woman’s name on the cover of a comic. That is something I am striving for.

Q: That question was a bit heavy, so let’s ask something a bit lighter. You are portraying the villain “Jolly The Clown” in the upcoming comic “8 Page Action: Featuring BlackBird”. Who do you think has more fun in comics the heroes or villains?

EG: I believe the villains have more fun. They always have a dark, traumatic past the builds their character and it’s interesting to see that character progress as the stories take place.

Q: Where can your fans follow you and your cosplay?

EG:  Fans can follow me on my FaceBook Page and on my Website.

Q: What conventions will you be attending this year?

EG: Dallas Comic Con 2014, Fan Days, Sci-fi Expo, And if time and money permits, many more.




Comic Book Divas Publishing not only loves bringing fans their occassional dose of kick butt comics, but we also like sitting down with women from around the industry and genres to talk comics, gaming, cosplay or whatever topics that are important to them. This time wee were fortunate enough to sit down with dancer, gamer,comic fan and just all around geek girl extraordinaire Alouette Cosplay.ALOUETTE1


Q: Before we get started, for that may not know Kendall Kane; tell us a little bit about your awesome self.

A: Hello! First off, you’re way too kind! My name is Kendall and I go by Alouette Cosplay online! In my “normal life” I am a dance teacher and performer who has worked at the big theme parks here in Orlando, but in my free time I love to read comics, watch horror movies, play video games, and dress up as my favorite characters!

Q: Growing up did you enjoy comics, gaming..etc? Or did that come later on in life?

A: I did! I always say I grew up in a very nerdy family, for example my dad’s grooms cake at my parents wedding was the Watchmen smiley! Some of my fondest memories growing up are playing video games, watching old sci-fi movies, and all kinds of stuff like that. The love only intensified with age!

Q: Did you ever feel like an outsider embracing your geekiness growing up?

A: Totally! I mean who didn’t? While other girls at dance or school talked about bands or clothes or whatever I just wanted to talk games and comics! Thankfully my friends growing up were extremely tolerant of my geeky ramblings, and I even got some to check out shows or games I liked! But beyond that not many people “got” me, but that’s okay because I never really “got” their interests either, haha!ALOUETTE2

Q: What was the very first comic you picked up, and what did you remember thinking after you read it?

A: I honestly couldn’t tell you what the very first comic I read was! It feels like ages ago. I know when I was younger, I was introduced to a lot of comics that maybe were a bit mature, but I’d like to think I was a very mature kid with pretty awesome parents. One memory does stick out though, and that is reading Watchmen when I was probably a bit too young for that one haha! I remember after reading thinking I had A LOT of questions, but also being totally drawn into the comic world. Thankfully I was then handed more “age appropriate” comics but Watchmen will stand as one of my firsts and one of the best.

Q: What was your first favorite video game, and why was it your favorite?

A: That would have to be a tie between Tomb Raider and Pokemon! While there were many games before those that I loved, I mean I was (and still am) killer at Tetris, those two stand out as my first loves. I remember playing Tomb Raider with my mom and dad, and having panic attacks anytime Lara had to hold her breath or deal with piranhas, and also hating that butler. Pokemon was the first game I was addicted to I think. I would play it for hours determined to level up my party pokemon and catch them all! Nothing has changed there though, haha!

Q: How have comics and video games changed in your opinion over the years when you began reading and playing?

A: The first and obvious answer for video games is graphics! Sometimes I look at all my older games and think wow, I thought this was incredible now look wheALOUETTE3re we are! I love how games are becoming more and more interactive in the story line as well. As for comics, there have been some recent story lines that to me just stand out story wise!

Q: After you beat your opponent in a video game, do you do a victory dance?

A: Of course!! But even though I am a dancer, my victory dance is more like spastic kicking and fist pumping with some cheering!

Q: When and why did you first get the idea of wanting to cosplay?

A: It was about five and a half years ago! I was talking to one of my friends at dance who was really into anime, and she mentioned Anime Festival Orlando! We spent a lot of time looking into what exactly conventions were (vs. trade shows or the dance conventions we were used to) and found out that dressing up had a name and was encouraged at these events! It immediately caught my interest and after that con, I was hooked!

Q: What was your very first cosplay costume you created?

A: My very first costume was Mello from Death Note! Back at that first t talk much about that costume though! It was pretty tragic and I was in a walking cast that whole weekend.

Q: When you are looking at doing a cosplay are you more influenced by the design of the character or just because you like the character?ALOUETTE4

A: I have to say a mixture of both! First things first, I have to love the character! I just don’t find it fun to “be” a character that you don’t like, and it is also hard to motivate myself to work on a costume if I’m not in love with the character! I definitely do look at design as well. If it is something I feel I can’t “pull off” or look good in, I look at slightly modifying the design to something I am comfortable with.

Q: What is the most difficult costume you have created and what made it such a challenge?

A: Easily Princess Tutu! While I don’t do much anime cosplay any more, tutu is pretty special to me! I had to do her because of my ballet background and love for the series, and I chose to do her Odette tutu. The process that goes into a “real” ballet costume (the structure of the bodice, the tutu, etc etc) is insane! Plus all the rhinestones! Im very happy with it though, and its very special to me! A close runner up would be Liara T’Soni from Mass Effect, which I am working on now. I have never done a full armor costume before (just small pieces) so this sure is an experience!

Q: We know you are one busy woman; how do you make time to work on your projects?

A: Sometimes I’m not even sure myself how I make time! Some days I am blessed with a whole day or two off, and that is sweatshop time for me! Beyond that I always try to spread out a costume so that I can work on it piece by piece, and get it done in time!

Q: How has cosplaying changed since you began, and where would you like to see the genres go over time?ALOUETTE6

A: Honestly, I haven’t been cosplaying as long as others so I haven’t had the chance to see a huge change! For me, cosplay has changed on a more personal level. While I used to be “serious” about it, I know just focus on friends, loving the character, and having fun! I think the biggest change I have seen is that there is WAY more cosplayers than there was before! Which I think is awesome! I also think with the introduction of facebook pages, there are a lot more cosplayers “out” there getting popular and what not. I love pages though because it is such an easy and convient way for cosplayers to meet, interact, and share photos/progress/technique. I love it!

Q: I attended a few conventions this year and saw many really impressive cosplayers and costumes; however there was a guy with a wig and wearing a Wonder Woman outfit walking around getting pictures taken; does this bother you as a cosplayer and someone that takes her craft seriously?

A: Not at all! I think it is tons of fun to see fans show their love for something no matter how they do it.

Q: What advice do you give those individuals that want to start in cosplay but just don’t know how to get started?

A: My best advice is just jump right in! Find a character you love, and take small steps. If you need a wig, start the experience of trying to find the right wig and maybe even learning some basic styling. Then take the costume step by step (main parts, shoes, accessories, etc) and tackle each one! Just remember its okay to make mistakes, its okay to feel like you’re going crazy, and it okay to ask for help/advice! As long as you love what you’re doing, you’ll have a blast! Plus the friends you make researching, working on costumes, and at cons in costumes is worth every bit of it!

Q: What is the geekiest thing you have ever done?

A: That is such a hard question! It is more like what haven’t I done that’s super geeky, haha! I think the tops would be choreographing a production for my dance studio that was all based on DC heroes! It was a huge hit though, and so much fun!

Q: Where can fan follow you and do you know what conventions you will be attending in2014?

A: The best way is my Facebook Fan Page,! I also have a Deviantart Page and Tumblr,

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MATSURI PHOTO by Tiger Shot Productions