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Comic Book Divas Publishing reached out to the very talented cosplayer Holly Gloha to be part of the upcoming comic book “WANTED: Red Riding”; we wanted our fans to get to know this very energetic and talented woman just as we have the past few months. We ask Holly from everything from growing up geek to her insights to cosplay and the cosplay community; sit back and get to know about Holly Gloha cosplayer, geek and self-proclaimed Ninja Princess.

Q: Tell us about who is Holly Gloha?

HG: I am very much a nerd, an adventurer, and like all cosplayers, a definite attention seeker.  I do adore my cosplay family, and want to give a collective *hug* to everyone-experienced and new-for being part of this amazing hobby.1510662_1024420907573959_5105550381373533212_n

Q: Growing up were you into geeky things, if so what kind of geek-ery did you enjoy?

HG: My geekery started off with comic books (mainly Marvel, but I gave DC some love, too).  My all-time favorite heroine was Psylocke, which is probably why I grew up to love flashy clothing and get a black belt.  My nerd friends expanded me into anime, then eventually cosplay.  I still read comics, but sewing dominates a LOT of my time.

Q: Looking back on your childhood, what comics and cartoons do you look back on fondly, and why did they put a smile on your face?

HG: My favorite was always X-Men-I think the storyline of being different, but having a group of friends to support and stand by you resonated with me.  Besides, who wouldn’t want a superpower?  Not sure what I’d want my superpower to be….it changes depending on the awesomeness of the stories the comic writers put out there.  Storm’s weather manipulation powers from the X-Men is usually my fallback, but if I’m going to ride the winds, I’ll have to stop wearing skirts.

Q: Did you consider yourself a geek growing up, and do you think kids treated you differently because of this?

HG: I was very much a geek growing up, and sadly there was isolation and bullying because of it, however I had some amazing like-minded nerd friends to spend my time with.   I’m very glad that nerd culture is pop culture and that people can freely be nerdy without being harassed for it.

Q: Looking at your photos you seem really into anime, what do you like about anime compared to traditional cartoons?375484_343957325620324_557715320_n

HG: I have a bit of a Princess Complex, and fell in love with the Magical Girl concept.  I thought it was absolutely amazing to be trendy, fun and still be able to put up a fight when evil shows up.  (It still appeals to me-if the world ever needs a Princess Ninja, I’m right here) ♥

Q:  Who are some of your top anime characters past and present, and why are they at the top of your list?

HG: This is a bit of along list, but I’ll whittle it down a bit.  My first choice was Shampoo from Ranma ½.  She was fashionable, adorable, one amazing fighter and because of Circumstantial Events she occasionally turned into a cat.  Sailor Venus because she was playful, loyal to her friends and could save the world.  As I watch more anime the list will grow, but these two top the list.

Q: Many cosplayers are also avid gamers, are you a gamer as well?

HG: I game, but recreationally.   I’m definitely not competition to anyone wanting to spar on the digital field, but that doesn’t really bother me much.  Any free time I get is spent on the sewing machine-but my boyfriend is getting me into gaming a bit at a time.

Q: What video games are you currently playing; when you play against someone are you competitive? Are you a good winner or do you do a victory dance?

HG: I just finished Bayonetta 2…..I got so addicted to that one!  I love puzzle or mission games, for some reason I can play those with no stress, but competitive fighting games…yeah, I usually Rage Quit at some point or another.  I’m a martial artist, and it’s rather frustrating to see how to block and counter an opponent’s attack, but not be able to mush the buttons to get the combo done.  (I do victory dances for chocolate and lattes.  Or just because.  I’m either a lot of fun in public or extremely embarrassing-your choice)

Q: You’re a very talented costume designer/cosplayer. How long have you been designing and cosplaying?

HG: I’ve been doing this for about 7 years now.  It’s rather a shock seeing that in writing, I never knew I’d be doing it for this long, or that I would Level Up in Sewing and Going Onstage.  Maybe we need Cosplay Badges that Cosplayers can earn.  I’ll design a few!

Q: What was your first costume design, and looking back on that very first project do you remember it fondly or grumble about how nuts it made you?400039_343988065617250_2136483575_n

HG: The first one was Musical Sailor Saturn.  At the time, I was so incredibly proud to bring that beautiful design to life.  There were the usual sewing hassles, and I’m sure I cussed a bit (every seamstress/tailor does).  Looking back, at it, I can see a lot of Newbie Mistakes, but I’m still a bit proud it.  Even if I still hide the pics from the internet to this day.

Q: What made you want to start cosplaying at conventions?

HG: I was invited by an incredibly kind and talented group of Austin Sailor Moon cosplayers to attend a convention with them.  From that first moment on…I was hooked. I loved the community of artists, fans and cosplayers. Now I try to find and attend as many conventions as my finances will allow.

Q: Looking back at your first convention what was your first experience like, and what have your overall experiences been like at the conventions and with fans?

HG: I’ve had nothing but a fun time!  I love meeting new fans, artists and cosplayers!  It’s beautiful seeing someone celebrate something that means so much to them, and it encourages me to do the same.

Q: There has been some controversy regarding some convention attendees taking inappropriate pictures of cosplayers. Some people say it’s because of how the cosplayers dress. What are your thoughts and how do you think coplayers can protect themselves from this occurring?

HG: It breaks my heart when attendees assume that cosplayers in sexy costumes are Free Game.  Cosplay does not equal consent, and the community is doing a lot to make that known.  Cosplayers should always be aware of their surroundings, try to stay with friends and alert any convention/hotel security if they ever become harassed.

Q: What is the most difficult cosplay costume you have designed so far; and what made the project so difficult?404298_358371497512240_156933011_n

HG: Each one presents a level of difficulty when I make them…I try to push myself out of my comfort zone with each costume.  Currently, I’m working on NoFlutter’s gorgeous version of Sailor Venus, and making a bustle and incorporating so many beautiful flourishes are challenging me.  In a good way, of course.

Q: For those just starting or thinking about getting into cosplay, what advise would you give them?

HG: Enjoy yourself!  Your only competition is you, not the Cosplay Renown, not the person cosplaying the same character as you, not the internet.  Be proud of your fandom, the work you put into your costume and your amazing ability to cosplay the character you love.  With that point of view, you’ll have the most amazing time and make new friends in this cosplay family.

Q: You primarily cosplay as anime or other characters. Do you plan on cosplaying more comic book characters in the future?

HG: I actually do plan on it!  Poison Ivy, Huntress, Dark Phoenix and Nico Minoru are definitely on my list of characters I want to cosplay.  As a total gooberdork, I even designed a costume for myself if I was ever given the Power Ring of the Star Sapphires.  If ever made that costume, I’d have to carry the Violet Lantern so people would know what I was trying for…I went a bit bonkers with the Magical Girl Look on that one.

Q: You created a very unusual cosplay of Catwoman. Where did that idea originate from and what was the reaction from fans?

HG: I absolutely adore DC for trying new looks for their characters!  From the Pin Ups to the Square Enix redesign, it’s a cosplay dream field.  When I saw their Ame-Comi lineup I immediately fell in love with the second version of Catwoman and had to cosplay it!  What surprised me is that so many fans recognized that version!  Hooray for the fandom!

Q: What cosplay costumes do you have in mind for 2015?

HG: The list tends to fluctuate, since I am a Woman.  2015 is going to be the year of Princessy looks!  A lot of Sakizou, a lot of NoFlutter’s designs, and maybe the occasional wild card. If you go to HollyGlohaCosplay on Facebook *shameless plug* you can keep an eye on the costume I’m currently crafting.

Q: It’s still early in the year but can you tell fans what conventions or events you are planning to attend?

HG: Anime Matsuri for sure!  Everfree (a MLP convention), Akon, San Japan and whatever comic conventions that happen to pop up.  Once I know for sure, I’ll share.

Q: Where can fans follow you to keep up with what is going on in the cosplay world of Holly Gloha?

HG: More Shameless plugging?  Don’t mind if I do!  I’m on Facebook as Holly Gloha (if you want to keep up with my day to day statuses and cosplay pictures), HollyGlohaCosplay (if you want to see progress pictures of my Cosplay in Progress).  I’m on Twitter @Holly_H, Instagram HollyGloha and also on Deviantart.com HollyGloha.Deviantart.com.

Q: Before we end out interview. You’re also going to be in the upcoming “WANTED: Red Riding” comic book; where you’re going to portray “Holly Gloha” world renowned modeling agent and photographer. What are your thoughts about being a comic book character?

HG: I won’t lie: I’m extremely flattered, honored and excited.  Being in a comic book was always a dream of mine, and knowing that it’s going to happen makes me Victory Dance Giddy. Plus, since I’m a modeling agent, I’m hoping to have the sassiest outfits.

Psylocke Photo by Filmshooter Event Photographer

Internal Sailor Venus Photo by  Event Photographer

Dr. Mrs. The Monarch Photo by Judy Escalante

Catwoman Photo by Judy Escalante

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Geek Girls News and Comic Book Divas is proud to announce the “The Top Geek: Who Will Be The Face Of Geek Girls News” Contest” Could you be the face of Geek Girls News and be the envy of the girls of geekdom? Enter and win but remember there can only be one winner.

We are looking for the “face” of Geek Girls News; a woman who embodies the world of geekdom, a woman that can say “I am proud to be “Geek”, a woman who thinks that new comic book day is the time of year, a woman that can throw down with anyone in the world of gaming..in short; We want a woman who will rock not only Geek Girls News but also geekdom itself!

Now through August 2013; Geek Girls News will be looking for the face of Geek Girls News; we are looking for women 21 years old and older that has a pretty good understanding of comic books, gaming, and pop culture; we are looking for cosplayers, models, comic book readers, gamers, well heck we are looking for all women that have a love for all things geeky. If you have a love of all things geek then we want you to enter the contest; but you must have knowledge of the topics.

To enter the contest contestants will need to submit a picture(s) the more inventive the better; dress as your favorite character, or just you at your geekiest something that will make you stand out. But while photo is worth a thousand words; But we want to know why you feel you should be the face of Geek Girls News, so we want an essay “Why I am The Top Geek” which should be between 500 and 600 words.

Be sure to make both your pictures and essay stand out to get our attention , remember we are only choosing one Geek Girl.

There will be three rounds of voting, Geek Girls News will select the top entries based on both the pictures and essay’s; we will then list both contestants picture and essay on the website for fans to vote, the top votes will then move onto the next round, fans will vote once again with the final two contestants moving onto the finals. The finalists will be selected by judges the final selection will be the winner and announced in September

The winner of the “The Top Geek: Who Will Be The Face Of Geek Girls News” Contest will have their likeness drawn as the new logo for the website, which will be placed on the Geek Girls News website, the GGN Facebook, Pintrest, Twitter, and Google Plus social pages; Plus the winners likeness will be seen on the official Geek Girls News t-shirt by Fast Custom Shirts. The winner will also be sent to two local conventions to represent Geek Girls News.

Visit Geek Girls News For The Official Contest “The Top Geek: Who Will Be The Face Of Geek Girls News” Page Click Here For More Details.

The winner of the contest will also have a hand in the design of their character for the logo.


1. Contestant must be a woman of 21 years of age and older, and must be a U.S. resident.

2.Must submit a photo(s) and the essay Why I am The Top Geek” that must contain between 500 and 600 words.

3. Must have some knowledge of the following subjects; comic books, gaming, movies, and television.

4. Entries must be in by midnight July 15 2013.

For more information or to enter the “The Top Geek: Who Will Be The Face Of Geek Girls News” Contest visit the Official Contest Page at the Geek Girls News website HERE