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Comic Book Divas is in the production process of creating its first 8 page comic book entitled “8 Page Action: Featuring BlackBird” This comic will be Comic Book Divas Publishing first 8 page comic and will feature the first appearance of the super hero character “BlackBird” and the villain “Jolly The Clown” in a comic book.

We are looking for two cosplayers to feature their likeness as the primary characters





BlackBird was once a high level government sniper and extractor those that would do harm to others and to the United States and the world. Finally having enough with the life, much to the chagrin of her superiors of D.O.E. leaves to work with her family business. Until one day er family is slaughtered in a massive drive by and her sister is presumably kidnapped. Sworn to avenge her family and others plagued by crime, BlackBird re-surfaces once more to exact justice.


After years of searching for her sister BlackBird discovers that her own sister was behind the killings of her family and to murder BlackBird. After years of jealousy combined with being released from active military duty; Jolly joined the underground crime syndicate as a gun for hire, including taking the contract to kill her family and most of all her sister.


8 Page Action, is a one shot comic that only has eight pages, so the action will come fast and quick, taking the reader past all the dull build up ad straight to the action as it is in progress. The comic will feature one or two characters in the comic consisting primarily of super heroes and villains. Our first issue 8 Page Action; Featuring BlackBird is our first issue in what we hope to be an ongoing series, with an issue coming out once or twice a year featuring a different hero and villain.

Comic Book Divas Publishing is very fortunate to have the awesome artist Ben Carbonero to do the very first issue; he will not only be drawing the comic but also will be the art designer.


  •  We are primarily looking for cosplayers mainly in the North Texas, or Texas area; HOWEVER we will consider cosplayers from around the 48 States.
  •  Must be 19 years of age or older.
  •  Must be reliable and have good communication skills to communicate with Comic Book Divas Publishing and the artist.
  •  Must be outgoing and friendly to fans, and should have attended or attends conventions
  • Comic Book Divas Publishing and the artist requires permission to use photos of the model


There really isn’t a lot for the model to do to be in the comic book, in fact Comic Book Divas Publishing does most if not all the work

  • Comic Book Divas Publishing and the artist needs permission to use photos of the model; the model doesn’t need to have ny additional photos taken.
  • We ask the model to help promote the comic and CBDP via social media and or at conventions
  • The model should have good communication skills in order to let them know about the project and we can show the project and project designs.
  • The model must sign a contract that gives CBDP to feature their likeness in the comic and promotional items such as promo cards
  • The model is not required to create or wear a costume, we just want you and your incredible self to be the likeness of the comic.


  • The model will receive 25 copies of their own variant edition.
  • The actual comic book files will be provided to the model for additional printing of copies
  • The model keeps all sales of the copies provided to her by CBDP
  • The model receives 10 8×10 prints featuring the character
  • The model will be provided promo postcards featuring them to not only promote the comic but themselves.
  • Models will be featured on the CBDP website and promoted through social media
  • If model lives in the North Texas area, then they would be invited to be guests at the CBDP table during a convention appearance, where they could sign copies of their variant cover and prints

If you are interested or have questions please contact us via e-mail at blackbirdproject@comicbookdivas.com or send us a message on our FaceBook Page ,the 8 Page Action: Featuring BlackBird FaceBook Event Page, or our Twitter @ComicBookDivas.com





CBD250Comic Book Divas is looking is looking for Booth Divas to attend conventions in the North Texas area; if you’re a model, cosplayer, or a fan girl who is proud to be a geek then this could be the opportunity for you and a chance to let you geekiness fly.

Comic Book Divas is hiring booth models (We are calling them “Booth Divas”) to work at conventions primarily conventions in the Dallas and surrounding areas; The “Booth Diva” would be responsible for talking to fans about Comic Book Divas and its comic book line and merchandise; as well as talk to fans about all things geeky and taking pictures with fans and kids.

We are looking for women 20-21+ in the North Texas area that are very responsible and enthusiastic about comics, conventions, and all things geek-dom, plus very outgoing.

You must be approachable to fans and be willing to take pictures with them; and of course be willing to talk geek with fans for long periods of time, “Booth Divas will also be asked to roam the convention floors to pass our freebies and promo items.

You must be reliable and on time. Plus you must be able to work on Fridays and Saturdays or Saturday’s and Sundays. We will be looking for one or two booth models for the conventions for the mentioned days; schedules will be discussed upon notification

Note: To Cosplayers: If you are interested please note that you will not be able to wear your costumes for the entire convention weekend since you will be wearing a Comic Book Divas t-shirt and representing Comic Book Divas. However we will be open to talking about scheduling a time or day when you could wear your costume.

  • Pay – This a paid position; this will be discussed further upon the hiring process.
  • Gas – You will be paid for gas used in the round trip to and from the convention.
  • Food – Comic Book Divas will provide lunch only during the convention times; as well as snacks and drinks.
  • Admittance To Event – We will take care of all arrangements for passes to the event; you will not need t pay for entry into the events.
  • Lodging – Comic Book Divas is unable to pay for lodging for local events at this time; so you will need to make sure that you are in driving distance of the event.

Additional Perks

  • Prints – Cosplayers and/or Models will be allowed to sell their photo prints (Up to three different editions). The prints may be printed by you or Comic Book Divas will have them printed for you free of charge.

The photos must be approved by the photographer for selling or be owned by the model.

  • Promotion – Cosplayers and/or Models will be promoted of promo items like postcards, fliers and other promotional materials; they will also receive ad space to promote themselves. Comic Book Divas will create the ad for the model free of charge,
  • Websites And Social Miedia – Comic Book Divas will promote through our websites Comic Book Divas and Geek Girls News as well as all our social media accounts; you will also be provided with your own website page on the sites and also on Facebook, and Twitter
  • Contract – A contracting will be given to sign with the details of the job, wages and incentives mentioned above.

For full details contact the owner of Comic Book Divas with the following: Resume with past work history, and referrals, website, social media links, and a picture.

Send the following:

  • A picture of a head shot and/or full body picture.
  • Resume and Reference Letter
  • Website and/or social media links (If any)

Qualifying applicants will be given copies of the Comic Book Divas comics to read and then we will schedule a phone interview about the position and how you would pitch the comics.