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Dallas Fan Expo is just around the corner  that will tart the beginning of the comic book convention season in North Texas. We look back to the Dallas Comic Con 2014 where we met  Mica Brockman at the convention; the Dallas Comic Con was one of her first conventions where she began cosplaying; Bob Sanders sat down with Mica to get her insight on cosplay and the conventions.


Maybe the most iconic female comic book character is Wonder Woman.  From fighting the Nazis in WWII to the stylish 70’s tv show to all sorts of media versions of today……Wonder Woman has inspired generations of young girls…..a Superhero in every sense.Mica Brockman

Dallas Comic Con is fortunate to have a regular Wonder Woman cosplayer in Mica Brockman.  Although relatively new to cosplaying, only a couple of years, she has loved Wonder Woman since a child and has looked for opportunities to wear the Red, White and Blue at every opportunity.  The con experience gives her more exposure to inspire others. Inspiration that happened to her during the Linda Carter Wonder Woman television series of the 1970’s.  She says, “There were a lot of blonde ditzy types on tv back then and I loved that she was a strong independent brunette who could take care of business and protect the little guy. She was who I wanted to be when I grew up.”

As for Mica’s inspiration for others, “my nieces love going to the cons with me.  They get to see things from their imagination brought to life.  One of them actually asked Santa for a Wonder Woman costume for Christmas this year. My favorite part of dressing up as Wonder Woman is seeing the joy in little girls faces when they see me.  For that short amount of time I get to portray their hero.  I am just glad to say that I have always had pleasant experiences at the cons.  Everyone has always treated me with respect.”

What cosplaying means to Mica, “For me, the costumes are my way of showing my love for the different characters.  Wonder Woman will always be my favorite. I just turned forty this year and I am new to the cosplay world.  My costumes are either store-bought or pieced together from different sources.  I am just starting to experiment with making some of my own pieces.  Nothing will be ready for this next con.  Some of them may ever work out!  But that won’t stop me from dressing up and enjoying my time at the cons.”

Mica describes herself as, “as a comic reader, gamer, and movie fan.  I am not the person who knows everything about a character, story line or show.  I am the fan who gets excited to experience and enjoy what each of these things brings to the world.”

“Truthfully the thing I am most looking forward to at the next con is getting to take my nieces to meet ‘Rose Tyler’ and ‘Capt. Jack’.  We are big Doctor Who fans!  So I am sure we will all be in Doctor Who themed clothes.”

The Dallas Comic Con Fan Expo is Feb 7th to 8th, 2015 at the Irving Convention Center.  Go to DallasComicCon.com for full details and all of the celebrity and artist guest, ticket info and times.



Comic Book Divas Publishing is excited to be bringing some very cool titles to the Dallas Comic Con May 16th-18th 2014; including a “Goldilocks In ZombieLand” #1 penciled and ink sketch cover by artist Kristi Zerga from co-publisher Legends Of Heroes And Villains Publishing.




Comic Book Divas Publishing will not only be debuting the re-launch of Goldilocks In ZombieLand” #1 for the first in Texas at the Dallas Comic Con but also we will be debuting a very special sketch cover of “Goldilocks In ZombieLand” #1; the cover is a pencil and ink sketch cover by artist Kristi Zerga from Legends Of Heroes And Villains Publishing who is also the co-publisher of the comic. The cover will be printed on heavy card-stock paper and will be limited at each convention of only 25 copies.

What makes this variant edition very special is since it’s printed on heavy card-stock paper it can be taken to any colorist and have them place their own unique color touches to the cover, by doing this the cover because a truly one of a kind variant cover making it a one of a kind edition. At the Dallas Comic Con 2014 there will be two awesome colonists on hand to color your edition of the “Goldilocks In ZombieLand” #1 variant cover. Fans can visit cosplayer and colorist Cara Nicole aka AZ PowerGirl, she will be located at Alfred Trujillo‘s table in artist alley, Cara has a very unique coloring style that really brings out the flesh tones of the artwork she works on. Also attending the convention is Eagle award-winning colorist Jeff Balke; Jeff Balke has worked with many large and small publishers; He also is the creator of the original idea of “Sketch Coloring” Jeff will be locaed at the artist alley area.

Take your copy of “Goldilocks In Zombieand” #1 sketch cover variant cover to either one of these fantastic colonists to make your cover pop with color and give your variant a one of kind look. When you pickup your copy of the “Goldilocks In ZombieLand” #1 be sure to have your edition signed by cosplayer Emily Ann who portrays Goldilocks in the comic book.

Emily Ann will be at the Comic Book Divas table on Sunday May 18th; but don’t wait to get your copy!