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Comic Book Divas had a great time at this year’s Dallas Comic Con as we met a lot of new people and saw some ANJANETTESQUIRRELDCCgreat artists, writers and cosplayers. As always the promoters and volunteers of the Dallas Comic Con did a nice job bringing the fans great guests and put on a heck of a show.

This year at the Dallas Comic Con  we featured some of our classic comics, brought along some new ones andpromoted a few new titles for fans to be on the look out later this year and next year. We also had a few special guests at the table which made our table even more lively than ever.

Comic Book Divas featured two comics this year “SQUIRREL” #1 and “Penny Dreadful’s Cauldron Of Terror”; bth of the comics had awesome variant covers; the comics made people stop and take notice f both the out standing artwork and we were complimented on the story lines.

Actress, Comic Book Diva, and one of the featured stars of “SQUIRREL“, Anjanette Clewis was a guest at the Comic Book Divas table, she spoke with fans about her role as the “TV Anchor” in the comic and also signed copies of her photo variant edition cover, her “SQUIRREL” prints and took pictures with fans.  Look for Anjanette in “SQUIRREL” #2 coming this summer!

We also featured “Penny Dreadful’s Cauldron Of Terror” ; this was the first time the comic debited at a TexasENANSIVOLZDCC275

convention and fans really seemed to enjoy the “Rondo Award Nominated” comic book written by Horror Hostess Penny Dreadful herself.  The comic featured a “Spell-Bound” variant cover that was drawn by artist Alfred Trujillo and colored by Jeff Balke; the had a giant blank orb so that fans could take the comic to their favorite artist and have a sketch drawn in the orb.

Comic Book Divas also featured a 8×11 print of Harker And Helsing” ; the comic will be a steampunk and gothic vampire series that will star actress Amanda Wyss as the granddaughter of Abraham Von Helsing “Abigail Von Helsing”  and Brinke Stevens as the vampiric “Mina Harker”. Both artist Alfred Trujillo and colorist Jeff Balke will be working on this project.

We were also thrilled to have two fantastic cosplayers who made their convention table debut ever at the Comic Book Divas table; Enansi Volz cosplayed as Harley Quinn and Madd Moxxi and Krystle Starr cosplayed as She-Ra and Wonder Woman. Both women rocked at the Comic Book Divas area as they talked with fans, took pictures and signed prints.

More than 25,000 fans made their way to this year’s Dallas Comic Con, which wrapped up its three-day show on KRYSTLESTARRDCC275Sunday, May 19, at the Irving Convention Center. By comparison, last year’s
“Adding a third day to the schedule helped spread out the people but Saturday remained the busiest,” said Ben Stevens, co-owner of C2Ventures, which produces Dallas Comic Con. “As we continue to grow, we’re constantly exploring ideas and ways to make it better.”Dallas Comic Con drew about 20,000 fans over the course of two days.

With a crowd like this Comic Book Divas looks forward to seeing our fans at the Dallas Fan Days October 4th-6th at the Irving Convention Center; but until then we thank fans for coming by and visiting with us and a special  thanks to Anjanette Clewis, Enansi Volz, Krystle Starr for being at the table.


– Photos By Bob Sanders





The Comic Book Divas crew grabbed our interview gear and press passes and descended with thousands of other comic book, and science fiction fans onto the Dallas Sci-Fi Expo in February; DESIREE PRESTON 01while we were there we spoke tomany fans and interviewed some creative cosplayers including the very popular and fan favorite Desiree Preston.

We met Desiree who was dressed as the Joker’s main squeeze Harley Quinn, while we were taking photos amid other fans; We asked Desiree if we could get an interview with her about all thinks “Geek Girl”; she was nice enough to grant us an interview, As we made our way through the isles of fans,  Desiree gladly stopped to take pictures with fans and always had a very warm on her face when a young fan wanted to pose with “Harley Quinn”.

Jeff Hughes owner of Comic Book Divas sat down with Desiree and talked with her about a slew of topics that ranged from cosplay and cosplay design to women’s presence in the comic book world and how they are making an impact and how they are changing how we see “Geeks” today.






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