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Cosplayer Scarlett Wolf sits down with Comic Book Divas Publishing and talks about growing up geeky, her love for COSPLAYER SCARLETT WOLFcomics, gaming, and cosplay, and about being the new “Booth Diva” for Comic Book Divas Publishing.

Q: Scarlett Wolf, tell us a bit about yourself, what are you doing when you’re not absorbed in all things geeky?

SW: Well when I’m not glued to my TV screen playing games I’m usually out rock climbing or riding horses. I am also avid book reader and photographer.

One of my favorite things to do is draw and paint although every time I get crafty I tend to make a big mess. I have also recently taken up hunting. I may live in a small country town but I can always find something to do.

Q: Did you consider yourself or did your friends consider you a geek growing up?

SW: I have always considered myself somewhat of a geek. From the time I was born till I was about seven I was best friends with the boys next door. I guess you could say they started my passion for games because we were always competing with each other and getting into all sorts of trouble.


I was the girl who had every Pokémon figure and every game console available at the time. I remember waking up every day and watching Sailor Moon and Cartoon Network before I went to school. I can still say I have just about every game console but sadly my Pokémon figures have been passed down to my little brothers who keep me in check on my video games and superhero information.

I was never really into sports when I was younger and I was tall, pale, and scrawny.

Q :Did you read comic books growing up, if so what did you like to read and why did you like the character or title?

SW: I never really got into the comic books but I did become addicted to novels. I like to read supernatural books like the twilight saga and the Wicked Lovely series. My favorite book would have to be Shiver by Maggie Stiefvater because it has similar characteristics to twilight except you get to see the minds of both a guy and a girl, plus i

t has wolves in it. As far as books go you can’t go wrong with vampires and werewolves to me.


I am not saying I don’t enjoy Comic Books though because I really do. My little brothers and

I like to hit up the local comic book store on occasion and find a good read. I love the X-men and anything with superheroes in it.

Q: What are some of your favorite female comic book characters today and what makes them special in your opinion and to other female fans?

SW: Well I have a bit of a dark side when it comes to favorite characters because they are just so darn interesting to me. I am a big fan of Poison Ivy, Cat Woman, and Harley Quinn because I grew up watching those bad girls try to mess with the big black bat.

I also really like Elektra’s character on the movie Daredevil and have probably watched that movie over a dozen times. As far as Marvel characters go I am a Black Widow and Miss Marvel fan. I also really like Emma Frost and Kitty Pryde off of the X men.

I think these characters are special because each one is unique in her own way. Some are bad girls while othSCARLETTWOLFCBD4300

ers try to save the day but each one has confidence in what she does and fights right alongside the male heroes.

Q: We know you are a big video game fan, but you love “Zelda”; what draws you to the game and the characters?

SW: Zelda was a big part of my childhood and it has to be one of my favorite videogames. An adventure game where you run around fighting big bad monsters with a sword in order to save a pretty princess and you get to ride a freaking horse, what more could you ask for in a game. The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time for Nintendo 64 is my favorite of them all and it’s because that game had great graphics for that time and it was the most entertaining and realistic game I had to play.

The characters on Zelda are all so unique and the game didn’t involve driving a cart or finding golden bananas or stars it asked you to battle creatures that you might find in your nightmares. I am not dissing on Mario or Donkey Kong because I love those games as well but if you go back and look at the bosses from those games verses the ones from Zelda there is a BIG difference. Even the original Legend of Zelda was pretty awesome,

I clearly remember playing that game when I was little and wish I still had it. Let’s just say as far as games go I will always have a soft spot when it comes to Zelda games.

Q: What other video games are you currently playing, and which ones are the stands outs? (Excluding Zelda)

SW: Well at the moment I am currently addicted to Call of Duty: Black Ops for my Play station 3.

Sadly I find myself waking up in the morning and immediately turning it on and playing for hours and I can proudly say I am at level 50 right now. I have also started playing some games on my I pad like Dragon Vale and Knights and Dragons because I like dragons and anything of that sort.

I usually find myself going back and playing old games on my Nintendo and play station a lot and re-beating them for fun. I also have been playing the Infamous games on my PS3 and Borderlands on the Xbox 360.

Q: The new game systems like PlayStation 4, XBOX ONE, and others are going to be hitting the shelves starting in November. If you could have your pick which of these would be your pick and why?

SW: I would have to pick the PlayStation 4 for various reasons. I currently have both an Xbox 360 and PS3 and as far as the cost for internet goes Xbox Live has become a pain. I am hearing that the new Xbox system will be just as costly and that they may be making certain rules that I think are a little overboard.

The PlayStation 4 on the other hand may only be charging a five dollar fee, if even that, for the internet. I am glad to see that there will be something new to play with on the shelves this year but the downfall is there won’t be any more new games for the PS3 so I will have to purchase the new systems to keep up with the games.

Q: As you have read comics and have played video games; do you think that female characters are well represented in the genres or do you think that at times they are still in the background of the male characters?

SW: Quite honestly I still think that female characters tend to fall behind the male characters because girls just don’t seem to be as open about their interests in comics and video games as guys these days or at least the ones I know don’t. Maybe if female characters were more present in games and comics the geeky girl inside might come out in girls that are unsure of their interests.

I would really like to see some more games where there are strong female characters that aren’t all bubbly, Barbie look a likes and that are the lead characters for a game.

I read of a game idea the other night online that I think would be a lot of fun involving 1950’s housewives, weapons, and zombies. I could just imagine some of my guy friends making a hot girl version of themselves and kicking some zombie butt with her.

Q: What comic and video game characters would like to see in a television show or movie; and why do you think they would make a good show or movie?

SW: I am actually going to do a little reversal on this question and give you some television show and movie characters that I think would make an interesting game. I used to watch Sailor Moon all the time when I was younger and I still occasionally have to relive the past and watch an episode or two.

I think Sailor Moon would make for a fun video game because each sailor scout could have their own ability and they could be trying to save all of the planets from destruction. I think it would also be cool if it was like the next generation of sailor scouts or if you could make your own. Another character that

I think deserves her own game is Princess Zelda from the Legend of Zelda. She is always getting saved by Link and I think that for once it should be her turn to save Hyrule from some evil creatures. She has always had a tough side (Sheik) so why not give her a sword of her own. Last but not least I really wish Disney would make a game similar to Kingdom Hearts but in this game all of the Disney princesses have had their happily ever after taken away from them and they have to battle an evil queen to get them back.

Princess Ariel would have a trident and control over water and Aurora would have a sword and a pet dragon or something of that sort. I tend to have a lot of random ideas for games and movies so I could probably go on for forever on this topic.

Q: You are studying to be a teacher, as a future educator what are your thoughts about teachers utilizing comics in the classroom?

SW: I think that comic books could be a great way to get students excited about reading. In my teaching classes now we are always discussing how important it is for our students to become interested in reading as a recreational activity not an educational one.

Comic books allow the reader to use their imagination and become part of a world outside their own which is an essential skill emergent readers need to develop. There are many genres of comics out there so students will always have something to spark their interest.

As a teacher would you utilize comics in your lessons, if so how would you do this?

For teachers it is important to find new and interesting ways to get your students to read so as far as comics go I am all for using them with my students. I would really like to read a comic to students and then have them come up with one of their own, maybe give each student empty pages with boxes and have them fill them in themselves.

This type of lesson could be used to help students understand the components of a story such as the main idea, setting, and conflict. I could also using them during science lessons like reading Spiderman while discussing the characteristics of arachnids. There are so many ways you could incorporate comics into education.

Q: You are still pretty new to the cosplay scene, what made you want to get into cosplay?

SW: I decided to get into cosplay because I have always liked getting dressed up in costumes and acting out characters.

I was in drama club and One Act Play all four years of High school and won lots of awards for my creativity. I missed it a lot when I graduated so I thought what better way to get back what I lost then by going to a place where everyone can dress as their favorite characters.

The fact that I love anything geeky and am very creative also draws me to the conventions because it’s a chance to see what other people can come up with. I feel very at home at the conventions, it’s like all of my favorite things have come together as one.

Q: What are your top 5 characters you want to cosplay and why would you like to cosplay them?

Well that’s a tough one, there are so many great characters out there. I would really like to go as either Sailor Moon or Sailor V because I grew up watching that show and Sailor Venus and Moon were always my favorites. I think it would be interesting to do Sailor V because she has the cute little red glasses and I think I could pull off the character well.

I would also love to cosplay as Zelda from the Legend of Zelda because I love her outfits and she is from one of my favorite games, plus I have already got my Link outfit down so it would make a good set for a weekend of cosplaying to do them together. I would also love to go as Harley Quinn just so I could act crazy and because she is one of my favorite comic book characters. Her love interest with a mad man makes her so awesome and I would love to be the bad girl for once.

I am also a big Cat Woman fan and she is another character that I think I could pull off well. My favorite animals are cats and I have a little bit of a dark side so Selina Kyle’s character kind of fits me.

Let’s see I think I’m at four so this would be my last but not least cosplay dream character and it would be Starfire or Blackfire. I used to watch Teen Titans when I was younger and fell in love with both of the sister’s crazy personalities and backgrounds. I really liked Starfires sweet disposition in that series and Blackfires fiery attitude.

I looked into both characters after watching Teen Titans to learn more about them and have like them since then.

Q: Do you have any cosplayers you are following or you would like to meet and get advice from for your cosplay career?

SW:  I really haven’t started following anybody yet but I would really like to get some advice from fellow cosplayers and fans about what characters they think I should do for events and things of that sort.

I Have been looking at fellow Comic Book Divas to get some information and ideas about what to do but other than that I am just so new that I haven’t figured it all out yet.

You are also new to the convention scene; what are your thoughts about the conventions so far?

The second I pulled up to my first convention I became excited and thought WOW this is not like anything I have ever seen before. I was constantly taking pictures of people and was surprised to find people asking me for pictures.

I had never had so many strangers ask me for pictures before but I easily became comfortable with it. I really enjoyed meeting other people who are just as crazy about games and comics as I am. On top of the wonderful array of people there is so much merchandise for sale that I wanted to get my hands on so badly.

After walking around for a while I ended up getting a pair of anime ears for free from this amazing company who said that I had been eyeing them all day and that they were meant for me. I had such an amazing first time that I didn’t want to leave; I am surprised that they didn’t have to drag me out of there. I am so ready and excited for the next event that I can attend!!

Q: Do have any favorite moments yet at the conventions?

Well of course getting those cute little anime ears from that awesome company was pretty cool but I would say the moment

I started getting asked for pictures and it dawned on me that I had done a good enough job on my costume to get the attention of others and got the feeling of self accomplishment because I had put a lot of work into that costume.

Another very memorable moment was meeting Mr. Bob Saunders who is the person responsible for my being interviewed today. I was noticed by the company that day and I will never forget the amazing time I had and how eager I was to be considered for the Booth Diva position.

Q: Where can fans follow you?

SW: You can follow me on:

Scarlett Wolf’s Page on Comic Book Divas Publishing

Scarlett Wolf’s Page On Geek Girls News Page

Scarlett Wolf on Facebook: 

Scarlett Wolf’s Twitter Page

Scarlett Wolf On Youtube:  (COMING SOON)