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Comic Book Divas Publishing is getting set to enter a new phase of our comic book title lineup as we begin production of our first super hero comics entitled “8 Page Action” these new titles are slated to debut in 2014 and 2015; the first titles to begin production are “8 Page Action: Featuring BlackBird” and “8 Page Action: Featuring Marvelous”.

Most of our fans know Comic Book Divas Publishing as bringing them fun and frightening horror comedy comics featuring horror actresses such as the Alfred Hitchcock “The Birds” parody  SQUIRREL: The Chattering” spotlighting PJ Soles, and Rhonda Shear, “Kaci Hansen Presents” featuring horror  the zombie fairy tale mini-series “Goldilocks In ZombieLand” along with other spine-tingling tales; but now we are ready to begin our new super hero universe based comics.LHARS EBERSOLD

We have quite a lineup of super hero based comics in store for fans but to get action started, Comic Book Divas Publishing is starting with the comic book series entitled “8 Page Action”. A few years back CBDP and artist Dennis William  created a web series called “A Life Behind The Mask” which was a super hero and super villain parody, however the ambitious web series was shelved; fast forward to today and fans will seen many of the same characters from that series in the new comic book series with a whole new look and story lines.

The “8 Page Action” comic line, will only be 8-12 pages long in most issues, fans will be dropped right into the action as it is going on without all the back-story; it will almost be as though the fans are looking at the events from the sideline, also at the same time in the story you will get the viewpoints and insights of the characters giving the reader some understanding of who these characters are and what makes them tick. also like most CBDP titles the comics will feature Comic Book Divas models, in the “8 Page Action” comics we will be spotlighting various cosplayers portraying the heroes and villains in the comic.

The first issue will begin with “8 Page Action: Featuring BlackBird”; just like the first installment of “The Life Behind The Mask”  the character “BlackBird” will lead off the “8 Page Action” series; the comic  features the artwork by Ben Carbonero,  portraying “BlackBird” will be cosplayer Lhars Ebersold, portraying “Jolly The Candy Clown” is cosplayer Evie Grey, and making a cameo appearance is cosplayer Misa On Wheels.


Lhars Grey code-named “BlackBird” has left the elite all female black ops organization called D.O.E (Department Of Extraction) with the disapproval of her superiors, EVELYN FERNANDEZafter “extracting” a head of a crime syndicate linked to a terrorist cell that was trafficking heroine. Afterwards Lhars Grey went back home to work in her family’s business “Mods And Bods” custom car and repair garage shop. Until, the day when her family was massacred and the garage burned to the ground.

Evie Grey known as the villain “Jolly The Candy Clown” ; Jolly is the younger sister of BlackBird; following in her sisters footsteps Lhars Grey enlisted into the military and later was recruited into a black-ops group known as REAPER-7; however she was relieved due to her psychology profile and for other unknown classified reasons
After the massacre at the family garage, BlackBird feared her being held hostage or worse; however in a twisted fate it’s learned that Jolly was part of the conspiracy to eliminate her own family but also kill her sister in a hit for her new underground boss. She soon grew tired of taking and took over the organization as Jolly.

BlackBird has been called about a hostage situation at the Annual “Cosplayers Against Bullying Event” at the Lonestar Wyatt Hotel; the guests and attendees have not been told to keep them from panicking and for other reasons that just may keep them all alive. As BlackBird rushes she discovers that her sinister and psychotic sister Jolly is behind this scheme but what are her motives and what lies in wait for BlackBird, and can she save all the unsuspecting hostages?


“8 Page Action: Featuring BlackBird” will be drawn by artist Ben Carbonero; Ben is a freelance artist and graghic designer that has worked on many projects including a recent comic book entitled “Deidre Dark’s Delightful Dolls” for CBDP; he has also done project for compsnies such as MISA ON WHEELSLithoNinja On Demand Printing; the very company that prints all of the CBDP comic titles. Ben will not only be drawing the comic book but will also be involved with the character and costume design as well as many of the cool weapons and vehical designs.


Lhars Ebersold is a talented and popular North Texas cosplayer that attends many conventions around Texas; Lhars is widely known for her dedication and attention to detail in all her cosplay costumes; in many cases using body paint to achieve just the right look for a character; fans are also amazed to the details of her costume design that bring the costume to reality and brings the character to life. CBDP selected Lhars because she has the look of the “BlackBird” character but her personality also matches the character as well bringing with her the strong and intense focus of the character.

Read more about Lhars Ebersold in her interview.


Evie Grey is also a North Texas cosplayer, although she is still relatively new to the cosplay community, she has fast become a fan favorite at conventions all around the Texas area; she is best known for her cosplay as Phoenix and Jean Grey from the X-Men; what makes Evie Grey a top cosplayer is that she also  emphasizes great detail into all her cosdtume design making sure that all the small details are in the costume.  Evie Grey also matches her personality well with Jolly mixing humor hidden with being deadly serious; sher is not to be taken lightly because under the costume lies a very determined woman.

Read more about Evie Grey in her interview.


Making a extended cameo appearance in the “8 Page Action: Featuring BlackBird” comic is Misa On Wheels; Misa is a well-known Florida cosplayer who is a fan favorite at many conventions in the area. She is not only a very talented cosplayer but also strives to spread the word that cosplaying is for everyone and it should be fun. Misa will be seen in the comic as Mad Misa, one of Jolly’s official “Jolly’s Jollies”.

CBDP Fans can look for “8 Page Action: Featuring BlackBird” before the end of 2014; be sure to check the CBDP website for sneak peeks of artwork and updates and be sure to also check our social media news on the CBDP Facebook Fan Page, On Twitter @ComicBookDivas, Pintrest,and our Google+ Page to get all the latest news on this comic and our other news. Also be sure to visit Ben Carbonero’s FaceBook Page, Lhars Eversold Facebook Page, and the Evie Grey Cosplay Facebook Fan Page, and follow Misa On Wheels on her FaceBook Fan Page.











Did your teachers ever tell you that you had to read books that did not have pictures? When it comes to comic books
some school curriculum do not think comics have the potential to be written about on an in-depth level for book COMICS AND KIDS 2reports. Instead, students are encouraged to discuss novels.

Novels can be great; there are plenty that I love. How about the students that have zero interest in chapter books? Some students are heavily discouraged by reading because they do not like the format of novels. No one should blame these students because every individual is different, especially when it comes to reading. When I was in school, the students that preferred to read a graphic novel or a comic book were not allowed to do so academically.

I’m sure teachers are glad that at least students have an interest in some type of reading, but I think regardless of the setting-academic or personal, schools should make room for comic books and graphic n


ovels in the curriculum. Comics and graphic novels have the capability to be written about on an in-depth level. There are many colleges that offer courses based around graphic novels and comic books.

Students go in depth with the story lines during discussion times, and many people go on to write dissertations about them. If colleges approve of comics and graphic novels, other schools should find a similar format to imitate in their classrooms.

I’m not the first to think that comics have deep meanings, however.

I found a Colorado-based organization called Comic Book Classroom. Their mission is to encourage teachers to COMIC BOOK CLASSROOMfight for comic book literacy in their schools. Their website, www.comicbookclassroom.com, lists kid-friendly comics along with lesson plans to encourage discussion. Comics are not just a bunch of drawings with words-they’re filled with rich story lines.

Comic Book Classroom believes that comics can enhance the literacy rate and encourage youth who have minimal interest in reading to eventually turn to other genres.

Comic Book Classroom is not the only organization pushing for comics, however; many public libraries have a graphic novel section. While some comics and graphic novels may not be suitable for those under 18, there are plenty that are appropriate for young readers. We should encourage those who have do not like reading to pick up a comic or graphic novel.

Comic books can be a step to inspire youth to read. Maybe this can extend to fantasy books as well. When I was a kid, I could not get enough of Harry Potter and A Series of Unfortunate Events. I imagined myself fighting the dark Lord Voldemort, or escaping the devious Count Olaf. Not only did my reading skills enhance, but my imagination took flight, and I felt like nothing could stop me. As I grew older,

I began to open up to more books of different genres. Not all people have this same experience, but when we encourage reading in the first place, no matter how silly or fun the genre, we create a healthy pattern to be involved and inspired with books.