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Geek Girls News and Comic Book Divas is proud to announce the “The Top Geek: Who Will Be The Face Of Geek Girls News” Contest” Could you be the face of Geek Girls News and be the envy of the girls of geekdom? Enter and win but remember there can only be one winner.

We are looking for the “face” of Geek Girls News; a woman who embodies the world of geekdom, a woman that can say “I am proud to be “Geek”, a woman who thinks that new comic book day is the time of year, a woman that can throw down with anyone in the world of gaming..in short; We want a woman who will rock not only Geek Girls News but also geekdom itself!

Now through August 2013; Geek Girls News will be looking for the face of Geek Girls News; we are looking for women 21 years old and older that has a pretty good understanding of comic books, gaming, and pop culture; we are looking for cosplayers, models, comic book readers, gamers, well heck we are looking for all women that have a love for all things geeky. If you have a love of all things geek then we want you to enter the contest; but you must have knowledge of the topics.

To enter the contest contestants will need to submit a picture(s) the more inventive the better; dress as your favorite character, or just you at your geekiest something that will make you stand out. But while photo is worth a thousand words; But we want to know why you feel you should be the face of Geek Girls News, so we want an essay “Why I am The Top Geek” which should be between 500 and 600 words.

Be sure to make both your pictures and essay stand out to get our attention , remember we are only choosing one Geek Girl.

There will be three rounds of voting, Geek Girls News will select the top entries based on both the pictures and essay’s; we will then list both contestants picture and essay on the website for fans to vote, the top votes will then move onto the next round, fans will vote once again with the final two contestants moving onto the finals. The finalists will be selected by judges the final selection will be the winner and announced in September

The winner of the “The Top Geek: Who Will Be The Face Of Geek Girls News” Contest will have their likeness drawn as the new logo for the website, which will be placed on the Geek Girls News website, the GGN Facebook, Pintrest, Twitter, and Google Plus social pages; Plus the winners likeness will be seen on the official Geek Girls News t-shirt by Fast Custom Shirts. The winner will also be sent to two local conventions to represent Geek Girls News.

Visit Geek Girls News For The Official Contest “The Top Geek: Who Will Be The Face Of Geek Girls News” Page Click Here For More Details.

The winner of the contest will also have a hand in the design of their character for the logo.


1. Contestant must be a woman of 21 years of age and older, and must be a U.S. resident.

2.Must submit a photo(s) and the essay Why I am The Top Geek” that must contain between 500 and 600 words.

3. Must have some knowledge of the following subjects; comic books, gaming, movies, and television.

4. Entries must be in by midnight July 15 2013.

For more information or to enter the “The Top Geek: Who Will Be The Face Of Geek Girls News” Contest visit the Official Contest Page at the Geek Girls News website HERE