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Comic Book Divas is proud to announce the launch of our newest website “Geek Girls News” a portal that brings the latest news from around the comic book, entertainment, and pop culture genres to the women of geekdom.

For the past few months Comic Book Divas has been bring readers interviews with women from around the comic book, pop culture and film industries; getting their insight on a variety of topics from where they see the comic book industry heading to gun control. In addition Comic Book Divas has been covering comic book and other conventions, Now we have launched a dedicated nt only to the comic book and pop culture fan but one that is geared to the “Geek Girls” out there!

Geek Girls News is a portal to all the latest geeky news from around the comic book, gaming, cosplay, and entertainment industries; covering all the top comic book publishers, gaming industry, and entertainment news and we bring it all under one website so you don’t have to search the web or jump around to sveral different websites; we have all the latest news at a click of a button.

In addition to the news Geek Girls News will keep you updated on the latest on the new arrivals arriving to your local comic book stores so you can keep up with what is coming out and when to make sure you don’t miss your favorite title or must have comic.

Geek Girls News will throughout the year be brining onboard correspondents to bring you reviews and insights from women in the comic book, cosplay, gaming industries as well as bring you movie reviews to some of the hottest movies. Our comic book reviewers will bring you their feedback on some of the hottest titles from some of the top publishers as well as their insights into your favorite independent and small press publishers. For those into cosplay we will be asking cosplayers advice and get some of their most valuable tips and tricks to creating awesome costumes; of course we can’t leave out all the gamers, stay tuned as we will be bringing on women gamers to give you some of the tips, tricks, and reviews of not only games but game systems. For our movie fans we will also be bringing you movie and television reviews

But don’t think that Geek Girls stops there, we will be posting intriguing polls to get your opinions on a variety of topics;  plus we will have contests where you can win the chance to be the face of the Geek Girls News logo or be drawn in a cameo of a Comic Book Divas comic title.

Be sure to visit “Geek Girls News” Today!