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Comic Book Divas reporter and photographer Bob Sanders caught up to cosplayer Anna Lee aka GlitzyGeekGirl at the GLITZY GEEK GIRL Dallas Comic Con 2013 and sat down with her about her life in geekdom and her path towards cosplay.

Every Comic or SciFi convention will bring out cosplayers of all types. The Dallas Comic Cons, SciFi cons and Fan Days are no exception. One fan favorite cosplayer is Anna Lee. Better known as Glitzy Geek Girl is celebrating one year of cosplaying this May.

Anna’s first costume was Ramona Flowers from Scott Pilgrim vs. the World. Enjoying putting the costume together and fan reaction she soon started planning her next costumes. We have recently seen her as Arwen from The Lord of the Rings Trilogy, Princess Zelda and Fiona, Ogre Warrior from Shrek Forever. At the May 2013 Comic Con we saw her as Evil Mary Marvel. She was excited because it was her first time to be a Superhero!

BOB SANDERS: People are curious about the amount of time and work that goes into costumes. Anna discussed how she gets her costumes.

ANNA LEE: “I create most of it but if there’s a piece I have no idea how to make then I have no shame in buying something. There are some great sellers on Etsy that know what the

ANNA LEE Glitzy Geek Girl

y’re doing. I’ll order something and maybe tweak it to fit better.

I was inspired to do Arwen when Billy Boyd (Pippin from LoTR) had been announced for Dallas Fan Days. Arwen’s outfit took a few weeks because of the crown. I didn’t have time to make the dress from scratch so I ordered it but had to tailor it to fit better. It was too short and the sleeves didn’t fit. So it still required a few trips to the fabric store and some time with the sewing machine. The crown is completely handmade by me. I cut it out of foam, painted, and hot glued it to a headband. That was my first time using foam so I’d love to remake it someday and spend better time on it.

I was inspired because I was eager to meet Billy Boyd and didn’t want to be dressed as Asajj Ventress, my other cosplay for the weekend, when I met him.”

BOB SANDERS: Much thought and planning goes into a high quality cosplay. Anna believe’s “It’s important to know your character and their storyline.

ANNA LEE: I wasn’t familiar with Asajj Ventress but after more research I really grew to like


her character and her outfits. I try to pick cosplays that I think will fit my body type. I’m not going to try and dress like someone I’m not built to be. I would love to do every Princess Zelda cosplay possible because I love that character and her dresses.

BOB SANDERS Anna was not a comic book reader growing up but was into video games,

ANNA LEE: “I played video games with my brother more than I played with dolls. I had a blast watching him and picked up tips on how to get better myself. I didn’t know many people that were into the same things as me so when I got older I spent most of my time on the computer playing PC games.”

BOB SANDERS: Anna describes herself as one of those “crazy fan girls.” She got hooked on Harry Potter, Twilight, and The Hunger Games. She just finished Beautiful Creatures and is about to start The Mortal Instruments.

ANNA LEE: “I’ve been really into the TV show Once Upon A Time. I love fairytales and this show puts an interesting twist on the characters. It’s appealing because it’s almost believable. How cool would it be if heroes, villains, and princesses lived in this world and still had to fight epic battles? Snow White and Captain Hook are my favorite characters on that show”, said Anna.

BOB SANDERS: Anna’s future cosplay plans? She is “very eager to do the champion Ashe from League of Legends.

ANNA LEE: I love her outfit from head to toe and would love to carry her awesome bow and arrow. I am trying to get better at the game League of Legends and she is a fun champion to play.”

BOB SANDERS: Growing up was Anna considered a typical “geek” but was it a bad thing? “

ANNA LEE: I was a pretty geeky growing up. I’m not sure what a female geek is stereotyped like these days. I guess it’s similar to the guy version. Some might not expect me to be into gaming and comic conventions when they first meet me because I am a hairstylist and have a lot of tattoos. Yes, it is possible to enjoy fashion and art and music AND be a geek. I’m proud of all my interests.”

BOB SANDERS: Women of all ages are a much bigger portion of the comic and gaming fan base. Is this a new trend or just seems to be noticed more with the increase in cosplaying and characters?

Anna believes,

ANNA LEE: “I think it’s still mostly a guy thing to be honest. I know a lot of AWESOME geeky girls. But I wish I knew more! For me, I’ve always been interested in these genres. I didn’t always know about conventions and cosplay, though. So maybe some girls with these interests just don’t know there’s a community for them.

BOB SANDERS: Who is Anna’s choice for a female character to have their own comic book, movie or game?

ANNA LEE: That’s easy for her…..”I’m going to pick Princess Zelda because she’s one of my all-time favorite characters. I would love to have the chance for her to be the hero. Don’t get me wrong – I love me some Link. But Zelda has a tough side (Sheik anyone??) so why not give her, her own game. I mean it’s called The Legend of Zelda after all. I think a lot of women would love to see the princess save herself for a change”.

You can follow Anna/GlitsyGeekGirl on her blog at GlitzyGeekGirl. You can also follow GlitzyGeekGirl on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

Article by and photography by Bob Sanders – Comic Book Divas Reporter



Geek Girls News is proud to have cosplayer Constatine In Tokyo as one of our judges for the Geek Girls News/Comic Book Divas Top Geek: Who Will Be The Face Of Geek CONSTANTINE IN TOKYOGirls News” Contest.  Constantine In Tokyo is highly respected writer, interviewer, and cosplayer and designer.

Constantine is a writer and costumer based in Los Angeles, CA. A former participant in the Japan Exchange and Teaching Programme (JET), Constantine holds a BA in History and International Relations from Boston University with a specialization in East Asian Studies.

Alongside her life-long interest in Asian culture, Constantine has also begun to make a small splash in the world of cosplay since she started sharing her costume work online in the summer of 2012. She enjoys reading about WWII, rock climbing, and watching obscure horror movies.

She is the Editor-In-Chief of TakoPop.com and Senior Editor at JapanCinema.net. You can see more of her work at ConstantineInTokyo.com and Facebook.com/ConstantineInTokyo

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