Created and Written by Jeff Hughes

Art and Art Design by Jeff Meuth

Thumbelina Art Design by Evelyn Fernandez

Color by Kristi Zerga

In StoryBook World 1805 lives Thumbelina, she is a kind and sweet woman who loves her job bringing happiness to the little girls that read the story she is in; but after the pages are closed her life is humdrum and boring; she has her night out with the girls, her volunteer work with the elderly storybook characters, and her pottery and needlepoint classes. She longs for love and romance but because of her vertical challenge she is often overlooked, besides there is only one man she would truly like to be in love with and that is Jack; the brave man who scales the beanstalk but in this storybook he is the lead singer and guitarist for the up and coming band of “Jack And The Beanstalks”.

One night after the night out with her best friend Alice and the rest of her girlfriends at “The Madd Hatters Club”; Thumbelina is pushed too far by relentless barrage of nasty comments and innuendos from Rose Red about wanting to date Jack and needing to stay in her so-called “Height Class” , being pushed to her limit mentally after being portrayed by the people she thought she could trust; Thumbelina in her desperation to free herself from the bondage of being small,  infiltrates Alice’s laboratory.

Alice is a well-known scientist in StoryBook 1805 and  has been working to perfect the growth and miniaturized formulas developed by Lewis Carroll; her goal is to use the formulas to transport food easily and stomp out hunger in the storybook universe. Thumbelina infiltrates Alice’s lab and obtains the growth formula; Thumbelina begins to grow but  does her temper and hallucinations, she unleashes her new-found height on the world and the people she once loved.

Thumbelina: SMASH  coming 2016