Comic Book Divas Publishingg is thrilled to announce that Totem Hunter #1 has soled out during the Totem Hunter #1 Launch Party at Geek Out Burleson.

The Totem Hunter #1 Launch Party was held at the Geek Out comic book store in Burleson, Texas May 13th – May 14th 2017, Creator and artist was on hand to sign copies of the Totem Hunter #1 regular cover and the limited Geek Out variant edition, as well as prints.  Also on hand was Comic Book Divas Publishing artist and artist for the upcoming MARVELOUS comic book Evelyn Fernandez.

We were expecting a pretty good crowd for the Totem Hunter Launch Party but the overwhelming response to the comic was huge and by the end of the day Totem Hunter #1 had sold out of the comic, forcing Comic Book Divas Publishing and Geek Out to cancel the second day of the event.

We will be re-ordering Totem Hunter #1, and you yes you an place your order for #1,  and Carmen is hard at work on Totem Hunter #2, don’t miss out on that when it hits the store.