Comic Book Divas Publishing is always looking to reaching out to new creators and artists, so we are pleased to announce that creator and artist Carmen Martinez has joined with CBDP to publish her first comic entitled “Totem TOTEM HUNTER 1 COVERHunter”

Meda Hunter is a young girl who has been told crazy stories of monsters disguised as humans, called Totems and about her family’s magic-using, Totem fighting history by her grandfather.

She’s never believed him about any of it until one day a real live Totem, Regina, breaks into their house to steal their family’s ancient magic book of spells. After a struggle, the book is broken and the pages are scattered all over the city. Now, Meda has to track down all the missing pages before the chaotic magic contained in them causes destruction in the city AND before the Totem, Regina can get to them.

Trouble is, Regina is a Coyote Totem, the most powerful and deadly of her species. Luckily, Meda is learning more and more magic spells with every page she finds.

Comic Book Divas Publishing and creator Carmen Martinez will be launching the teen and all agesĀ  “Totem Hunter” comic book in early 2017, be sure to look for it. Until then look for sneak peeks of artwork on the website, on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.