Comic Book Divas Publishing and Carmtoons is getting ready to publish Carmen Martinez‘s Totem Hunter #1 in May 2017.

After ten years of writing and character development, creator and artist Carmen Martinez is ready to show off her first comic book title entitled “Totem Hunter”.  If you enjoy a fun supernatural comic book with a unique storyline that appeals to all ages then this is the comic for you.

Take a look at this awesome storyline.TOTEM HUNTER 1 GEEK OUT VARIANT COVER

Meda Hunter never believed her grandfathers crazy stories about monsters disguised as humans, called “totems,” nor the ones about her family’s magic-using, totem-fighting history.

Until one day the coyote totem, breaks into their house to steal their family’s ancient magic book of spells. After a struggle, the book is broken and the pages are scattered all over the city. Now, Meda has to track down all the missing pages before the chaotic magic contained in them causes destruction in the city AND before the coyote totem can get to them.

Trouble is, the Coyote Totem, is the most powerful and deadly of the race and isn’t going to make it an easy task. Luckily, Meda is learning more and more magic spells with every page she finds. Can Meda collect all the pages and put the book back together? And why do the totems want the book in the first place?

The first event will be the Totem Hunter #1 Launch Party at Geek Out in Burleson, Texas Saturday May 13th from 11:00 am until 6:00 pm and May 14th; Meet creator and artist Carmen Martinez and have her sign your copy of Totem Hunter # Carmen Martinez will also be offering a limited edition variant cover of Totem Hunter #1 that will only be available at the Geek Out Launch Party, so be sure to get this limited edition while they last.

Stay Tuned on where to get Pre Order your copies of Totem Hunter Regular Cover #1.