Comic Book Divas Publishing will be launching our all ages Vampire Vs Werewolf comic book in 2017. This will also be the first time Comic Book Divas Publishing will be releasing four variation covers for a comic book.VAMPIRE VS WEREWOLF REGULAR COVER

Like the all ages comic book Witch Vs Genie (Out in October) the Vampire Vs Werewolf is an all ages comic book and will be suitable for ages 10 years old and of course for the bigger kids. Vampire Vs Werewolf is centered around teenagers Dawn The Vampire (Portrayed by cosplayer Brittany Thomas) and Loona The Werewolf (Portrayed by Sageraw Cosplay), two good-hearted and well-meaning friends that do like too, let’s just say “Annoy” each other by playing mischievous pranks on one another one another from time to time; OK maybe it’s a bit more often than that.

But in the end they have been friends for centuries and will remain so for many centuriesVAMPIRE VS WEREWOLF COMIC BOOK to come and go.

For the Vampire Vs Werewolf comic, Jeff Hughes thought it would be a cool idea to do four different covers based on the original cover by artist Tobias Gebhardt with colors by Legends Of Heroes And Villains¬† artist and colorist¬† Kristi “Batz” Zerga; the covers will include a Vampire Vs Werewolf Regular Cover, A Vampire Vs Werewolf Flip Cover, A Vampire Vs Werewolf Dawn The Vampire Split Cover, and a Loona The Werewolf Split Cover.

Look for Vampire Vs Werewolf in 2017.