Comic Book Divas Publishing is excited to announce the start of the all new all ages comic book Vampire Vs Werewolf coming in late 2017.

Like the all ages comic book Witch Vs Genie (Out in October) the Vampire Vs Werewolf is an all ages comic book and will be suitable for ages 10 years old and of course for the bigger kids. Vampire Vs Werewolf is centered around teenagers Dawn The Vampire and Loona The Werewolf, two good-hearted and well-meaning friends that do like too, let’s just say “Annoy” each other by playing mischievous pranks on one another one another from time to time; OK maybe it’s a bit more often than that.DAWN THE VAMPIRE PORTAYED BY COSPLAYER BRITTANY THOMAS

But in the end they have been friends for centuries and will remain so for many centuries to come and go.

The artist bringing the comic book and Dawn and Loona to life will be California comic book artist Tobias Gebhardt, who brings a very unique look and style to this comic book, all ages will enjoy the look and feel of the artwork.

Dawn The Vampire is not your ordinary vampire, she likes combing the old gothic look with the stylish taste of today’s fashion thus creating what she calls “Gothic-Hip” and  instead of plunging her fangs into victims necks she likes to plunge them into juice boxes; so juice boxes of the worlds…BEWARE!LOONA THE WEREWOLF PORTRAYED BY SAGERNAW COSPLAY

Portraying Dawn The Vampire is another fan favorite cosplayer Brittany Thomas; Brittany can be seen at various conebtions and event throughout North Texas and is best known for her cosplay as Poison Ivy and her imaginative cosplay of Freddy Kruger from A Nightmare On Elm Street.

Lonna The Werewolf  who has a bit of trouble controlling her furry appearance, most humans only change during the full moon but Loona just can’t control herself. Loona also loves baseball, she is the catcher for her baseball team and is the number one fan of her favorite team “The MoonShiners”; Loona loves nothing more than basenall except hiding her treasured bones.

Portraying Loona The Werewolf will be North Texas cosplayer Sageraw Cosplay; Sageraw is a well-known and fan favorite cosplayer who has attended ,any conventions and events throughout Texas. Just some of her well-known cosplays include Black Widow, Harley Quinn Variations, and most recently her Team Rocket cosplay.

Vampire Vs WereWolf is scheduled for 2017,