Created and Written by Jeff Hughes

Art and Art Design by Evelyn Fernandez

There is a universe hidden in plain sight but one we can not see; this is the “StoryBook Universe”, all the storybooks around the world from this universe; when the storybooks are open these character are frozen making up the pictures of the storybook but when the book is closed that is when the characters come to life and go about their daily lives. Humans are not no aware of their universe however the characters are aware of ours.

Snow Whyte the evil and power-hungry ruler of StoryBook 1590; one of the universes oldest world; she rules her world and all its lands with an iron-first. Those that try and over throw or protest her will are swiftly dealt with, and those that try to escape her world are met with even swifter punishment or even worse.  Although the stakes are high many have tried to escape with many being returned or some have gone missing.

StoryBook 1590’s Red Riding  is one of this world’s most vocal opponents of Queen Snow Whyte’s rule; despite the overwhelming odds Red Riding makes a daring escape into our world where she undergoes a transformation and begins her new life where she achieves fame and stardom as a world-famous model.  As time has passed so has the anger of Snow Whyte and assigns her head bounty hunter to bring back the renegade runaway Red Riding DEAD OR ALIVE.

WANTED: Red Riding #1 coming 2016