Halloween is just a few weeks away; and what better way for Comic Book Divas Publishing to celebrate than introduce the very hip and cute but a bit grumpy Trick-Zee The Witch.

Trick-Zee The Witch will be appearing in the upcoming Witch Vs Genie comic book scheduled for release in the summer of 2016. Trick-Zee (Trixie) oddly which means “Happy” but she is the total opposite, she has an off the wall sense of humor with a bit of an anger management problem when it comes to Jinx The Genie.TRICK-ZEE PROMO 2 WEB

Witch Vs Genie is an all ages comic book that follows Trick-Zee The Witch and Jinx The Genie; while the two are good-hearted magical girls trying to do good for others, they have a long-standing (Let’s just say over 200 years) rivalry between themselves;, no one knows how this feud began but some think it started over a handsome prince.

Trick-Zee has launched a campaign to get fan support in her ongoing quarrel with Jinx The Genie and plus she secretly really likes the attention; fan can look for Team Trick-Zee t-shirts, stickers and of course her very own Witch Vs. Genie Trick-Zee variant cover.

Trick-Zee needs help bringing her story to life and has asked Comic Book Divas Publishing to assemble some mortals her comic book and her character to life. She asked creator, writer Jeff Hughes to write the comic book. then instructed him to enlist the talented artist JD Correa to draw her and then to add that special color she asked Kristi Zerga to make her sparkle.MARLA MASEY MISY300

Trick-Zee of course wanted someone who was just as awesome as she was so she asked Jeff Hughes to find a very special woman to portray her in the comic book, so we enlisted MCcubed Cosplay is a North Texas cosplayer and freelance model that has worked with many photographers from around the Texas area; she has become a fan favorite and has been at guest at many conventions  She is a member of  the 501st and has been a member of the Rebel Legion for over 2 years. Mcubed cosplay is widely known for her cosplay as slave Princess Leia  and Misty from the Pokemon cartoon and may others.

Of course Comic Book Divas Publishing realizes that the Witch Vs Genie comic book also features Jinx The Genie and we will be helping with her fan  campaign , but this article is all about Trick-Zee and we want to keep her happy so that we are not turned into toads or horned frogs.

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