Written and Created  by Jeff HughesWitch Vs Genie at Comic Book Divas

Art and Art Design by JD Correa

Colors by Kristi “Batz” Zerga

MCuned Cosplay And Modeling as Trick-Zee The Witch

Orion Corps Cosplay Group Member Audrey McCullough

Witch Vs Genie is an all ages comic book that follows Trick-Zee The Witch and Jinx The Genie; while the two are good hearted magical girls trying to do good for others, they have a long-standing (Let’s just say over 200 years) rivalry between themselves;, no one knows how this feud began but some think it started over a handsome prince.

The comic book is eight page with each page being a single page story, for those of you that are old enough to remember it harkens back to the Mad Magazine comic strip Spy Vs Spy.

JD Correa to bring the comic book to life. JD Correa is best known for his cover work, however this will be his first comic where he will be featured as both the cover and interior artist, in addition to all of that JD will also be the one behind the character and costume design,

North Texas cosplayers MCubed Cosplay will portray Trick-Zee The Witch and cosplayer Audrey McCullough as Jinx The Genie.

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